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Requested by @jennifertheweirdo. Hope you enjoy Jennifer
I stare at my best friend Matthew instead of paying attention to my boring chemistry teacher

I have a huge crush on him, but like I said before he only sees me as a friend, ugh I hate that word, I want to be more than friends

He catches me staring and I look into my lap and blush, fuck he probably thinks I'm weird now

Finally the bell rings, I gather my things and rush out of the class

I went to my locker to put the books I didn't need back in

While I was at my locker, some guys were walking towards me, then one of them says, "Hey baby girl, come here."

I roll my eyes and say, "No thanks, I'll probably catch a disease."

"Aww come on don't be like that, baby."

"Please don't call me "baby", I already have a boyfriend." I lied about the boyfriend

"Oh really where is he?" I froze.

"He's right here." I hear a familiar voice say

I turn around and there is Matthew standing behind me, he wraps his arm around my waist

"Now leave her alone, before I beat your asses." Matthew says

"Oh, so now you are my boyfriend?" I asked

"Sure, if you would like me to." He said

"Yes, I would for you to be my boyfriend." I said hugging him

He leaned down and kissed me

That was the best day of my life

a/n: I will try to get all the requests, so if you don't get yours, I promise you I'm still writing it and you've got to be patient
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