Clubs & Jealousy

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Requested by @taylorcaniff_laugh hope you enjoy Kerissa


ugh i can't believe Matthew got mad over something so little, all i did was joke about not liking bagels

i can't believe him, i would have never guessed he would get mad over a joke

how am i going to have fun later on when we go to the club, i know what i'm going to do

i'm going to make him jealous because he got mad over something so little

-later that day-

currently i'm getting ready to go to the club with Matthew and i'm going to make sure to look extra good tonight, so he could see what he is missing tonight or maybe not, but anyways my goal tonight is to make him jealous

"Matthew are you almost ready." i yelled out to him

"yeah almost ready." he yelled back

oh my god, i swear he takes longer than a girl to get ready


when i walked down the stairs i saw Kerissa standing there looking so beautiful like always, i can't believe i got mad at her earlier for something so irrelevant

"come on lets go." i said to her.

"alright, you are driving tonight." she said back

"okay, whatever makes you happy."


as soon as we got to the club i went to the bar to get a drink because why not

when i got my drink i went to go tell Matthew that i was going to the dance floor

"okay have fun, i'll be watching you from here." he said

good thing he is going to be watching, my plan is now in session

i literally sound so petty right now, but that's okay right? probably not

i started dancing to the beat of the song that was playing, then all of a sudden i feel someone start grinding on me

i look over at Matthew and i see the jealousy in his eyes, yes my plan is going well

-1 hour later-

after all that dancing i get tired and head back to Matthew

"hey Matthew. what's wrong?" i say smirking at him

"oh you know what's wrong, you have been dancing with that guy for most of the time we have been here." he says

"oh i didn't even know, i'm sorry." i tell him


Kerissa knew what she was doing, but she was acting dumb

i knew she was trying to make me jealous and it was working

"oh you are going to get it when we get home." i say to her


guess you could say that they didn't get much sleep that night


sorry guys! i know i've been MIA, but i'm back

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