Jealous Much?

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Requested by @__QueenSam__ hope you enjoy Samantha

Matthew and I were at the mall shopping for some clothes and other stuff

We were currently in Wet Seal, I was looking for some new jeans

"Hi, do you need any help?" asked a very attractive guy

"umm... I don't know, I'm not sure which of these jeans I should get." I asked looking at the jeans

"I personally think, these black jeans and light-wash jeans would look perfectly on you." he said looking me up and down smiling

I nervously laughed

"Sorry she has a boyfriend, so yeah, don't you have something better to do than hit in a girl that's already taken." Matthew said, I smirked already telling that he was jealous

I shrugged and looked at the guy with a sad smile

I paid for the jeans and some other blouses and accessories

"Matthew, I could totally tell you were jealous back there in the store."

"No I wasn't." he said trying to play it off cool

"Yes, you were, it's kind of hot you know." I said smirking

"okay, yes I was jealous, that guy was totally hitting on you, I didn't want him to take what was mine."

"I know and that's why I love you, you'll fight for what is your and I'll always fight for what is mine." I said putting my arm around his waist and kissing him on the cheek

"and that's why I love you." he said returning the kiss on the cheek

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