His Bestfriend

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Sammy (my boyfriend) and I were going to stay in and have a movie marathon and eat junk food all night but no, change in plans, Sammy wanted to hang out with his friend instead.
I was on the couch wearing sweats and a hoodie, waiting for Sammy to start our movie marathon, until he comes out dressed in khakis and a t-shirt with black vans. I say," I though we were having a movie marathon today?" He responds," Well change of plans I'm going out with my friends and you're coming with me." I said a little bit annoyed," Ok, then lets go." I grabbed his hand, but he didn't budge. "Come on I though we were going." I said." He said," Yeah we are going, but you're not going in that, here put on this." He handed me light-washed shorts and a crop-top "What was wrong with what I was wearing?" I asked annoyed. "Nothing, but I think you'd look hotter in this." He smirked and winked at me. I just rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom to change. You're probably asking,'why are you dating him, if he annoys you so much.' Well I didn't want to break up with him, because I don't want to break his heart, as much as I want to break up with him, because he's probably just using me for his sexual pleasures, I just don't have the heart to break up with him. I got out of the bathroom and put on perfume and said," Come on Sammy lets go." He said," Damn babe you look good.' He looked me up and down. I rolled my eyes, see what I'm saying.
*Skip the drive*
We finally got to his friend's house, they were probably going to high and drunk and all that crap. This is going to be such a fun night (note the sarcasm). About 30 minutes later Sammy was all high and stuff, he said," Hey baby, come sit on daddy's lap." I walked over to him and sat on his lap. He tried to kiss me, but instead he kissed my cheek. He said," Why'd you do that I just wanted a kiss, you dumb slut," and he slapped me. I grabbed my cheek and he pushed me off of his lap. Then a dirty-blonde haired boy, with the most beautiful brown eyes, came out, and said," Hey Sammy what the hell is wrong with you hitting a girl, you're such a dumbass, just using girls for your own sexual pleasure, what an asshole." He helped me off the ground and said," Come on, you shouldn't be hanging around these fuckboys." He lead me out the door and I said," Can you please take me back home." He said," Sure, I'm Matthew, but you can call me Matt, what's your name."
"I'm Y/N, why do you hang around Sammy and his friends, you seem like a good kid." He responded," I'm roommates with Nate, and why is such a beautiful girl hanging around such a douche like Sammy?" "Long story short I'm his girlfriend and I didn't have the heart to break up with him, I didn't want to hurt his feelings." Matthew said," Oh, caring about other people's feelings, I like that." We arrived at my house and I said," Bye Matthew, I'll see you around." "Bye Y/N, wait here's my number, just in case you want to hang out again sometime." He said, blushing. "Thanks again Matt, for taking me home and everything else." I kissed his cheek and he blushed even harder. He drove off and I went into my house. I think I'm falling for Matthew, his bestfriend.

A/N: Sorry this was kinda long, hope you liked it
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