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I needed her in my life

I'm lost in this world without her

My world will never be the same

The only way to be happy again, is to get her back, but I can't do that

Why can't I do that?

Well she won't take me back, I've tried like so many times and she won't take me back

You're probably wondering who is "she."

Well "she" is my ex-girlfriend y/n, she left me a few years ago

I still haven't gotten over her after all these years

I'm slowly going insane without her

I have so many sleepless nights, I always stay up thinking about her

The only way to get her to be mine is to take her

I was walking home from the coffee shop, when I felt someone following me

I turned around and no one was there, maybe I'm just being paranoid

So I just kept walking

I was almost to my house when I felt someone grab me and throw me into a van

"Who are you?" I yelled

"Shame, you don't remember me, princess."

No it can't be, I recognize that voice anywhere

"Matthew?" I asked

"oh, so you do remember me." he asked, I could feel him smirking, even though I couldn't see his face

"what do you want?" I asked, clearly angry

"I just wanted to get back what is mine." he chuckled

"How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not yours." I said

"Princess, I always get what I want." he said, touching my cheek with his cold hands

I slapped his hand

"Don't touch me." I growled

he flinched

"Please just let me go." I begged

"Not so fast." he said

then he got out and went into the driver's seat

he started the car and he was driving

oh. no this can't be good

a/n: happy New Years everybody, I know it's late, it is currently past 3:00 am here in California, but I hope everyone has a good year, love you all
Part 2 coming soon

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