Finally Telling Them

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Requested by @Schelia12Sartorius hope you enjoy Schelia

okay, today is the day I'm telling my fans I'm dating the one and only Matthew Espinosa

me and him have been dating for about a year and none of us have told our fans yet

I'm famous on YouTube and he's famous on Vine

"I'm so nervous Matthew." I said

"It's going to be alright babe." He comforted

"What if your fans don't like me or what if my fans don't like you?" I answered, nervously bouncing my leg up and down

"Hey, look at me, it's going to be okay, who cares if they don't like me or they don't like you, the only thing that matters is that I love you." He said, kissing me

okay, I could do this

I opened up Twitter and tweeted

@Schelia12: Hey guys, I have something important to tell you, I'm dating @TheMattEspinosa *picture attached*

@TheMattEspinosa: I love you so much @Schelia12 💗

We got some hate comments and some supportive ones

@darkespinosa: you guys are so cute

@mrs.espinosa: eww why her, she's so ugly

@matthewsunshine: so adorable

@scheliaslove: ugh, he's so ugly and disgusting

but those hate comments didn't matter because the person that I loved the most was here, sitting right beside me

"I love you." I said looking at Matthew

"I love you too, Schelia." He said

that's when I knew I wanted to spend my whole life with this kid
a/n: oh my god, I finally updated, I'm finally on spring break 😍 and sorry for not updating I have not updated for days, but I'm back
-nicole 🙄💓

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