Kindergarten Part 2

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Why, does he want to meet at the gym? Have no idea.

Then the bell rang, I gathered all my stuff, and headed to the gym.

The lights were all off, I was about to leave when all the lights turned on and there stood, Matthew, behind him, there was a sign that said,

Would you do me the honors of being my beautiful girlfriend?

I ran to him, "Yes, Matthew, a million times yes." I hugged him

"I've liked you since that day, we met in kindergarten." He kissed me passionately.

"Me too, Matthew."
"Mommy, so you and daddy met in kindergarten?" Our 4-year old daughter said.

"Yup, and look at us now, we have you." I smiled, she smiled back.

"I hope, I get to meet someone and fall in love with them, like you and daddy did."

"You will one day sweetie, right babe." I turned to Matthew.

"Yes, but make sure you fall in love with the right guy, babygirl, because you don't want to be falling in love with a jerk." Matthew said, I love it when he's protective.

Can't believe I married someone, who I met in kindergarten and I don't regret falling in love with him.

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