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I was going to visit my friend Matthew, who I haven't seen in 2 years because he move to LA.
I finished packing everything I needed for my trip, since it leaves tonight. I still had a few hours so I decided to take a nap
"Mija levanta te." I heard my mom say. "Huh." She said," You are going to miss your flight if you don't leave." Crap, "Bye mama, te amo." With that I ran with my suitcases and I quickly put them in my car, I drove to the airport. When I got there they were barely going to announce the flight
"Flight 547 to Los Angeles, California now boarding,
Flight 547 to Los Angeles, California now boarding."
Finally I landed in California, wow gotta love the weather here, it is so nice. I texted Matthew.
(Y- y/n, M- Matt)
Y- Hey Matthew I landed, can you come pick me up @ the airport?
M- Sure be there in 10
Sure enough, Matthew pulls up and he gets out of the car, wow puberty hit him hard and good, damn, I shouldn't be thinking this stuff about my bestfriend. But there was something different about him he was more paler. Maybe not enough sun. "Hey Matthew, I've missed you." He hugs me," Y/N, I've missed you a lot." I smiled, "How have you been." He says," I've been better." He helps me put my stuff in his car.
*Matthew's POV*
Good thing y/n didn't notice how pale I was or how I was dressed. She can't find out what they did to me, it was horrible.
A/N: Part 2? How'd you like this imagine I might make part 2 idk yet

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