Love Me Now or Never

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Requested by @OrianaJNavarro hope you enjoy Oriana

I knew he never loved me, I always knew he was going to go off with another girl that was way better than me

You see Matthew and I have been dating for a year now and in between our relationship, he was very sketchy, like he would not want to hang out with me as much, he would ditch me on our date nights, etc

Until I found out he has been cheating on me for a few months now because he said that he loved her and not me

you know I'm not going to cry over some douchebag that doesn't care about anyone but himself, whatever it is his life, he could do whatever he wants with it

-1 year later-
It's been a little over a year, since I've seen Matthew he's probably with a new girl already

I've been doing very good without him, I've finished school and have a good job, live in an apartment

I was going to my local coffee shop, because I always go there every morning before work

I was walking inside when I saw someone I never thought I'd see again

I quickly ordered my breakfast and went to sit down at a booth facing my back to him, but I guess it was too late because he had already headed towards me

"Hey Oriana." he said as he sat down across from me

"Hi, Matthew." I said casually

"Look, Oriana I know what I did hurt you, but I never meant to hurt you, I was young and dumb and didn't know what I was doing with my life, I realized I needed you in my life, can you please take me back." he spoke on the verge of tears

"I know Matthew, but I've moved on, okay, every guy or girl always gives that speech to their exes they've cheated on, but I can't go back with you not after what you did, love me now or never." I said as I got up from the booth

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