Falling For My Best Friend

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I was lying in bed when I got a text message from my best friend, Matthew, the problem is he doesn't know I've developed feelings for him, we've been best friends since preschool, lets just say puberty hit him very well.
(M- Matthew, Y-y/n)
M- Hey y/n, wanna come over
Y- Sure be there in 10
M- Alright love you
Y- I love you too
I wish those 'I love yous' that we shared we really, not just the friendly way if saying 'I love you.' Having feelings for your best friend is so hard. The only person that knows I have a crush on Matthew, is his older brother, Dylan. I put on some light-washed skinny jeans, my hoodie, and my black vans. I put my phone in my pocket. I walked over to Matthew's house and just walked in. I saw Matthew with another girl. "Hey Matthew." He looked up and said," Hey y/n, I would like you to meet Sara, my girlfriend." She said," Oh so you're the famous, y/n, he talks about you all the time." She smiled, now I know why Matthew chose her, she so beautiful. I said," So you talk about me all the time huh." I turned to Sara," Does he say nice or bad things." She said," Don't worry he says good things about you." By now Matthew was as red as a tomato. He said," Come on lets go play some video games." We went down to the basement, Matthew and Sara cuddled, while I sat alone. It should be me sitting there with Matthew, not her, I've got to admit I am a bit jealous of her. But this isn't the first time I've seen Matthew with other girls, it breaks my heart that the girl isn't me. "Hey y/n, are you okay?" Matthew said snapping me out of my thoughts," Yeah I'm fine." I lied. We continued playing video games, until Matthew's mom called us for dinner.
*Matthew's POV*
The only reason I'm dating Sara, is because I'm trying to get rid of my feelings for y/n, but that's not working, I know I may seem like a jerk. I've dated a lot of girls, I get jealous when y/n is around other guys. Why can't I just tell her what I'm feeling, this is the price I pay for falling for my best friend.
Seeing Matthew with Sara, breaks my heart. I want to be the one in his arms, I want to be the one who gives him kisses, I want to feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I'm around him, but I guess that's what I have to deal with, because I'm falling for my best friend.
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