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I was walking around with my guitar, fascinated by the city lights in New York. I sat down on a bench and started playing my guitar and singing my favorite Ed Sheeran song Thinking Out Loud. I was in the middle of the sing when I noticed a boy with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, go through a wall. I got up and I saw he was gone, but he couldn't be, I'm just losing my mind.
I continued singing the song, when I saw the boy again. This time he was walking towards me. He spoke," Hey you have a beautiful voice, I'm Matthew." I stuttered," I-I'm y-y/n." He smiled, " Don't be scared princess." I laughed," I'm not scared, but I swear, oh nevermind, I'm just losing my mind." Then he was gone, what in the world. I walked back to my house when I saw Matthew sitting in a stream, when he got up he wasn't wet, I heard him say," I wish I was living." What does he mean he wishes he was living. I said," Hey Matthew." He turned around kinda scared because he didn't see me," Oh hey y/n, you didn't hear about the whole wishing I was living thing right?" I said," Yeah I heard everything, what was that about." He scratched the back of his neck," Well the thing is I'm a ghost." I laughed, " Really you can't be serious." He chuckled," Don't believe me watch this." He was walking towards the busy street." Wait Matthew yo-." The car just went through him and then he walked towards the people, they just went right through. "Now do you believe me." I didn't know what to say," I-I can't b-believe it." He laughed," No one could see me but you, I don't know why."
Matthew and I talked for a few more hours, people constantly giving me weird glances and I would say," Never seen a girl talk to herself before." Then they would walk away like nothing happened. I found out Matthew died in a car crash, and that I reminded him of his girlfriend. Apparently she died as well in the car crash, but hasn't seen her since then.
Matthew still talked to me after a few years, since that day, we've gotten closer, I thought he would move on and leave me alone after that day, but I was wrong, I guess you could say I'm friends with a ghost.
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