Bestfriends are Forever

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Requested by Basma_Qadry hope you enjoy Basma

it's 2 in the morning when my phone starts ringing


"what in the world, who would be calling me at this hour." i said annoyed because they woke me up.

i answered my phone
m:hey basma, sorry to bother you but g/n (girlfriend's name) just broke up with me and i don't know what to do
b:omg matthew i'm so sorry, i'm coming right over

i quickly put on some clothes and drove to matthew's house.

i'm so upset at the fact that g/n broke up with me, i thought everything was going right but i guess she had more fun with that guy she cheated on me with.

i heard a knock at the door, that must be basma

i opened the door, "omg matthew, i'm so sorry for what happened to you, you were too good for her anyway." she said as she hugged me

i couldn't take it anymore and started crying on her shoulder

"oh, sorry i got your shirt all wet." i said to her

"it's all right, i understand." i just love how she was always understanding with everything

and i also love how she was always there for me even when i wasn't there for her, i love at how she laughs at the most random things

oh my god, i just realized the perfect girl has been right in my face all along and i was stupid not to realize that

i have to tell her that i love her

"hey basma, can i tell you something." i asked her.

"yeah, what's up?" she replied

"umm... well i love you, i always have and i was stupid to not have realized it." she blushed at what i said, that's a good sign right?

"well i love you too, but matthew you just got out of a relationship i don't want to go too fast with this." she said

"don't worry, we'll take as long as you want to build our relationship, it will all be worth it in the end as long as it's with you." and i kissed her

the kiss matthew and i shared was the most magical kiss i've ever shared

wow, basma so cliché
but i love how everything turned out in the end, matthew and i ended up getting married and having 3 kids.

a/n: hey guys hoped you guys liked this requested imagine, anyways i really appreciate how you guys vote and comment even if i'm not as active as i used to be and i really appreciate that. thank you all, i love all of you :))

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