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I was waiting for Matthew to come home from work, he said he was going to get home at 7:00 and it is past midnight.

this is isn't the first time he's been late coming home. I feel like he doesn't love me anymore and is cheating on me.

I blinked away the tears in my eyes. I sighed and laid down on the couch.

"I miss the taste of a sweeter life. I miss the conversation." I whispered.

it was true I missed the late night conversation Matthew and I shared.

I didn't realize I started crying. I heard the door open, and revealed Matthew.

"Matthew where have you been?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips.

"I was at work." I laughed.

"You've been telling me that for the past month, Matthew." I looked at my feet.

"Matthew, I wait for you everyday, waiting for you to come home and have a nice dinner, but no you come home past midnight, I can't do this anymore." I started crying.

"Go then, I don't need a clingy bitch anyways, I found myself another woman, who is way better than you." I ran upstairs.

I knew it. He was cheating on me.

"Hey baby, I didn't mean that, I'm so sorry, I have been busy with work." He slid down the door and I could hear him sniffling.

"Matthew?" I called out from the other side of the door.

"Yes." He replied.

"I was there for you in your darkest times." I cry even more.

"But, where were you when I was at my worst down on my knees." I hear Matthew crying.

"I'm sorry I promise to be here for you." I open the door and Matthew looked so sad, it broke my heart.

I hugged him and he says.

"I will never leave you okay, I love you so much, I'll never hurt you like that."

"I found the maps that lead to you." I smile and kiss him passionately.

a/n: sorry I haven't been updating, but hope you liked this little imagine.

—nicole 🙃💓

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