Fools | Catthew (boyxboy)

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I was so nervous to go to my boyfriend, Carter's house, because today was the day we were going to tell his mom and dad we were dating.

I've already told my parents and they've accepted us, they were actually excited.

I knocked on the door and there stood Carter, looking handsome as always.

"Hey, babe, come in." Carter said.

I walked in his parents weren't here.

"Carter, where are your parents?" I asked.

"They'll be here in about an hour." He responded.

"So what do you want to do in the meantime?"

"We could watch a movie." Carter smiled.

"Sure, what movie?" I smiled back.

"What about The Conjuring?" Carter said smirking.

"I hate scary movies." I fake pouted.

"I'll protect you don't worry." Carter smiled again.

I can't get over his smile.

We were cuddling on the couch when Carter leaned in and kissed me, this isn't the first time we've kissed, but every time we did it felt like fireworks in my stomach.

It soon got heated and I tugged at the hem of his shirt. He pulled off his shirt.

Then we heard the door open and there stood his mom and dad.

I quickly got off of him.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Carter's dad said angrily.

"Carter go up to your room and Matthew please leave."

I'm fucking screwed, I knew my dad wouldn't approve of us, that's why I didn't tell my parents, I know my mom would be okay with it.

I quickly ran up to my room and laid in my bed crying.

I heard my dad coming up the stairs, I was super scared.

"What is wrong with you Carter, i thought you were straight all this time, but you turn out to be a fag." My father screamed at me.

"Y-yes d-dad I am g-gay." I stuttered.

He punched me and I started crying again.

"If I ever see you again with that boy, I will kill you both." He yelled.

I walked by Carter's house and saw him in his front yard.

"Hey, Carter are you okay?" I asked.

"Hey, Matthew I'm okay, but I can't be with you anymore, I'm sorry."

"Okay, I love you." I whispered.

I waited until his house was out of sight and started crying.

I knew it, he never loved me.

"I should've known only fools fall for you."

"Dad, you happy now, I broke up with him." I said.

He responded, but I couldn't understand him, of course he was drunk again.

I walked on the beach to clear my thoughts, but all I could think about was Carter and the memories we had as kids.

I guess only fools fall.

»2 weeks later«
I was walking home from my friend's house and saw Carter and a girl holding hands, he looked so happy.

A tear rolled down my cheek.

Only fools do what I do.

I'll never find someone who will make me feel the way Carter did, I will always love him.
a/n: I know this is a long one, this was inspired by the song Fools by Troye Sivan, go listen to this song, it is one of my favorites.
-nicole 🙃💓

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