Car Crash

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Requested by @jhoflana. Hope you enjoy Jhoana.
the last thing I heard was the car swerving and a big crash, then I blacked out

why? why Jhoana, that should be me lying on the hospital bed in a coma

"I'm sorry, this is all my fault, I can't live without you, please wake up Jhoana." I said sobbing

Jhoana has been in a coma for months and hasn't gotten better, the doctors are thinking of taking her off of life support, if she doesn't wake up

"Mr. Espinosa, we have to take her off of life support right now, she hasn't shown any signs of her getting better." the doctor said

"No, please just a little longer." I begged

"I'm sorry, but we have to." She said sadly

I can hear everything that's happening, I want to scream, but I can't move, I can't do anything

All of a sudden I see my body lying in a hospital bed, while my boyfriend, Matthew, was sobbing beside me

"I will always love you, Jhoana, no one could replace you." He cried

"I love you too, Matthew, I will always watch over you." I said

Today is Jhoana's funeral, I still can't believe that I'm going to have to live without her
"Jhoana was just a beautiful girl, she wasn't only my girlfriend, but she was also my bestfriend, whenever I would get good news, she was the first person I would go to, if I had bad news, she was the first person I would go to, I'm going to miss her laugh, her smile, I'm going to miss everything about her." I said crying

"I love you jhoana, you are in a better place now."

I love you too." I kissed his forehead, even though he couldn't feel it, I think he couldn't feel it

After my speech, I felt someone kiss my forehead, I'm probably imagining things
Ever since jhoana died I felt someone's presence always with me, it felt like she was with me

I just miss her so much

a/n: I'm not going to make up an excuse for why I haven't been posting, I guess I just needed a break from writing and I'm back

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