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Requested by @kk3nzie hope you enjoy Kirsten
I hate him so much, I can't believe I wasted 5 years of my life on that jerk, my ex-boyfriend had cheated on me with my bestfriends, notice I said bestfriends, yeah he cheated on me with my 3 bestfriends

After I found out he cheated on me, I went straight to one of my guy bestfriends, he was always there for me

I called him saying that I needed him

-phone call-
"Matthew, can you come to my house." I sniffled.

"Kirsten, what's wrong?" He asked worried.

"I found out he cheated on me." I sobbed

"I fucking knew it, that asshole." He said angrily

"Please, just come to my house." I said.

"Okay, be there in 10."

"Thanks Matthew you're the best." I weakly smiled, even though he couldn't see me.
-end of phone call-
To be honest I've always had a crush on Matthew, I thought I could push my feelings aside, but that didn't work

I heard the doorbell ring and went to get it

Matthew was there with bags full of all my favorite junk food and favorite movies.

"Hey, Matthew." I hugged him, he smelled so good.

"Hey, Kirsten." He smiled.

"Come inside." He stepped in and put the bags down on the couch.

"Which movie do you want to watch first?" He asked.

"Whatever, I don't care." I answered.

So, he put the movie in and we sat on the couch.

Throughout the movie I could see Matthew staring at me.

"You know it is rude to stare." I said, he looked down and blushed.

"I- I c-can't help it, y-you're so b-beautiful." He stuttered.

I blushed.

I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and started leaning in.

I kissed his soft, pink lips.

"I've always wanted to do that." He smiled.

"Hey, Kirsten want to go on a date with me?" I smiled.

"Sure." I kissed him again

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