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This was requested by @ImThatDino03 hope you like it Vallari
*Vallari's POV*
My friend was supposed to meet me at Chipotle, so I texted her
(V-Vallari, Y: y/f/n)
V- Hey where are you?
Y- Sorry I can't make it
Great she stood me up, I've already ordered my food and everything, so I was waiting on it. When I saw a cute boy, he had dirty blonde hair and he looked kinda like Justin Bieber. I looked away before he could see me staring but I was too late, he was walking over to me. Crap, I blushed and tried to hide my face. He sat across me and said," Hi, I'm Matthew." I said," I'm Vallari." He looked me in the eyes," What is a beautiful girl sitting here all alone." I blushed," Well my friend stood me up." He said," Well, Vallari, I would like to know you better so would you go on a date with me." I said," Yes, I would love to."
"And that kids is how me and your father met." I told my two kids, Connor and Victoria. I smiled, Victoria said," I hope I meet someone like that one day." Matthew said," Make sure he treats you right sweetie." I love when he's protective. I never knew I would fall in love with someone I met at Chipotle.
A/N: I hope you enjoyed this Vallari

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