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There he is, the most beautiful boy in the world, the only problem was that I was kinda the school nerd and well he was the most popular guy in the whole school.
I was at my locker, staring at Matthew Espinosa, yes he's the one I was talking about, he's been my school crush since, 7th grade year. He lives next door to me, but he never talks to me. I was getting my stuff out of my locker, until someone slammed it shut. I said," What the hell was that?" I looked up and saw Matthew smirking. "Hey y/n." I stuttered," H-hey M-matthew." He smiled. I just died, his smile is so beautiful. "Thanks, I love your smile as well." I blushed. I asked," Why are you talking to the school's nerd?" He laughed, " I'm not talking to the school's nerd, I'm talking to the most beautiful girl in the world." I blushed again. I said," No silly I was talking about me, why is a cute, popular guy talking to me, just a nerdy, regular kid." He blushed. Oh. My. God, I just made Matthew Espinosa blush, ok I need to calm down. "Y/N, I just wanted to ask you on a date." I said," Sure." He whispered," Yes." I laughed, as I walk to my next class. Matthew just asked me out, but why me out of all the girls in the school he asks the nerd.
A/N: This is really short, I'm sorry I haven't been updating

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