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It was my first day at my new kindergarten and I had no friends, nobody talked to me or even took a glance at me.
We were having play time, I was sitting alone, when two little girls came up to me and said," Why are you sitting alone?"

"It's my first day here, and nobody has talked to me, I haven't made any friends yet." I told them.

"We'll have fun, sitting alone, by the way, I don't like your dress it is ugly." They both laughed and walked away.

I started crying, until a little boy, with dirty-blonde hair and brown eyes, came up to me.

"Are you going to tell me my dress is ugly?" I asked, still crying.

"No, I'm Matthew, I like your dress, it is very beautiful."

I smiled, "Thanks, I'm y/n."

"Why were you crying?" Matthew asked, looking at me in the eyes.

"Well these two girls, came up to me and said my dress was ugly, laughed in my face, and walked away." I explained to him. He was really cute, now that I look at him up close.

"Oh, don't listen to those girls, they don't know what's beautiful and what is ugly." He smiled.
*12 years later*
"Sup, Matthew." I said to my best friend, who was closing his locker.

"Hey y/n." He smiled at me. I never got over his smile, ever since that day in kindergarten.

"We're going shopping today, after school." I asked, while we were walking to our next class.

"Nope, I actually have something else in mind, babygirl." He smirked, damn it, I hate when he does that, I just lose it.

"Matthew." I said sternly.

"What, babygirl?" He smirked, oh the effect he has on me.

"Matthew, you know 'babygirl' is my weakness." I sat in my seat, while Matthew sat next to me.

"That's why I said it." He smiled, then the bell rang, let this boring teacher teach. *yawns*
I felt a note hit my desk, I opened it and said,
Meet me at the gym, after class
A/N: There will be part 2, it was getting a little long.

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