Protector| Mash (boyxboy)

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I sit in class staring at the most beautiful boy in the school

yes, I'm gay, I'm the only openly gay guy at school and I get bullied for that everyday

my biggest crush has to be on Matthew Espinosa, the most popular guy at school

he has girls all over him all the time, it hurts me that he will never like me back

I was still staring at Matthew, because he's way more interesting than this class, when he looks straight at me and winks

I look down at my lap and blush

Finally the bell rings and I quickly gather all my things

While I was walking down the hall, some guys saw me and started walking over to me

I quickly went the other way

"Hey fag, where are you going?" one of the guys said

shit I'm so screwed

"I-I was j-just going t-to class." I stuttered

fuck I'm going to look like a coward

"Why are you scared?" another one said, getting closer to me

"Please just leave me alone." I replied, trying to walk away, but failing miserably

one of them grabbed me and slammed me against the lockers and then kicked me on the side

I groaned in pain

Then my only friends Shawn and Cameron came over and said, "oh my god, Nash are you okay?"

"No, my side really hurts." I said, trying to get up

"Come on lets get you to the nurse's office."
I was sitting in the nurse's office, when the nurse said," Nash, someone is here to see you."

"Who is it?" I asked

"Matthew, I think that's what his name is." Matthew came to see me, my heart started beating faster and I started to get really nervous

"Hey, Nash how are you feeling?" he asked

"I'm feeling better, but the cut on my side still hurts." I said

ugh, why are you so perfect

"I'm not perfect, you're the one that's perfect." he said

"what, you think I'm perfect?" I said blushing

"why wouldn't I," he said, coming closer, "I know I haven't told you this, but I really like you."

"I like you too, Matthew." I said cupping his face and kissing him

"Nash, will you be my boyfriend?" Matthew said, looking into my eyes

"yes, a million times yes." I said kissing him again

"I promise to always be your protector."

a/n; sorry for the lack of updates

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