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I woke up extra early this morning for no good reason, so I decided to surprise Matthew by making bagels for him. I looked up a recipe to make the bagels.
So I gathered all the ingredients and put the bagels in the oven. A little while later the bagels were ready. All of a sudden I heard a little thuds and then a big thud. I turned around and saw Matt on the floor groaning. "Matt are you ok?" I say. "Yea just smelled bagels and I tripped and fell down the stairs but over all I'm good." Matt says smiling. "Get up you dork." I say. "Let's go eat some bagels!" Matthew practically ran to the kitchen to eat bagels. "Matthew watch out they're hot." Too late he screamed out in pain. "Oww, they're hot." I laugh," I tried to tell you but you already bit into it." He just glares at me. Matthew let the bagels cool down and he was moaning while he but into the bagel. "Matthew are those sounds really necessary." I asked. "Yes, they're bagels, they're my life." He said, I fake pouted," I thought I was your life." He looked up," You are princess." He leaned over and kissed me passionately, " I love you Matthew." He smiled," I love you too princess."

A/N: Hope you enjoy this short imagine

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