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Requested by @mexican_espinosa. Hope you enjoy Jocelyn.

ugh, I'm so stressed, I have so many meetings, tour planning, I mean I love going on tour, but sometimes it's so overwhelming

"I have so much work." I whispered and sighed

My girlfriend Jocelyn was sitting next to me and I'm glad she didn't hear me say that, well at least I thought she didn't hear

"Matthew are you okay, you seem a little stressed?" she asked

"Not really, I have so much work to do." I said

"Hey, why don't you take a break?" she asked, rubbing my shoulders

I sighed, "okay."

It felt good, taking a break

Jocelyn was giving me a massage and it felt good

I turned around and kissed her passionately

"You're too good for me." I said

What would I do without this girl?

a/n: sorry I haven't been updating much and I'm super slow on doing everybody's requests, I will get them done as soon as possible

-nicole 🙄💓

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