Just Friends?

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Lately I've developed feelings for my friend Matthew, I don't know why but there is just something about him, maybe it's his hair or his eyes, maybe his lips or his voice, or maybe it's his laugh & personality. I don't know all I know is whenever he's around my stomach gets butterflies and does backflips, ugh having a crush on your bestfriend is hard.
I was opening my locker when I felt two arms wrap around my waist, I turn around and there stood Matthew, he looked so perfect, but remember we may act like a couple but we are just friends, only friends, nothing more, nothing less. "Hey Matthew what's up?" I smiled, he gave me a smile back, "Nothing much just heading to my 3rd period, and i came to say hi to you." I blushed. "Well I got to get to class, bye see you later y/n." I said," Bye Matthew." Once he left the school slut, Maddie (sorry if your name is Maddie) and her crew came up to me & she said," Hey bitch, you know Matthew is mine right so stay away from him." I laughed," Really I don't see him hanging out with your slut and that thing you call a face is not working out for you honey." (ohh y/n, just stayed a bitch 😂). She scoffed," Aww no comeback, I guess your slutty ass, needs to get back to hooking up with more guys." I said in a baby voice. All of a sudden she punched me, I punched her back, then I felt my a punch to my jaw, I fell to the ground. Maddie and her crew were kicking me. They left, but before they left I heard Maddie say," Oh, that bitch ruined my beautiful face." I chuckled," What face?" I whispered to myself. My friend y/f/n, took me to the school nurse. I guess Matthew heard what happened and he showed up at the office. I smiled and he hugged me," I'm glad your okay y/n, don't ever do that again." I laughed," Thanks Matthew, but she was getting in my nerves and plus she started it." He laughed," Come on let me take you to your class." The nurse said," Are you guys dating?" I chuckled," No, we are just friends." It hurt to say that, I wanted to be more that just friends, but that's what I'll be to Matthew a friend. I sighed and Matthew took me to my class," Thanks again Matthew." He smiled and I kissed his cheek.

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