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You know, that love where it is so painful, you don't even notice because you're so in love, yeah I know because that's how my relationship was with my boyfriend Matthew,we always fight and he always hits me, but I'm too blind in love to see that, loving can hurt sometimes.

But that's life. I don't want to leave him, he treats me good whenever we are not fights. but it's the only thing that makes us feel alive.

I wish we could go back to old times when we were in high school and we were happy and never fought. we keep this love in a photograph.

I was looking through all our pictures we took together when we were young, we make these memories for ourselves.

I wish he had never hurt me, I wish we could go back to the past where Matthew was actually happy and not always grumpy and angry at me for no reason.

where our eyes are never closing, heart were never broken.

I just want to go back in time and keep time still. times forever frozen still.

I guess we'll just keep our love in a photograph.

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