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This was requested by @holyxmaloley hope you enjoy Lorain
*Lorain's POV*
I was watching TV when I got a message from my boyfriend, Matthew
(L-Lorain, M-Matthew)
M- Hey babe doing anything today?
L- Nope, wanna come over and watch Netflix
M- Sure be there in a few with snacks
L- Alright love you babe 💓
M-Love you too
I went to take a shower, and put on some sweats and a tank top. I waited for Matthew to come, then I heard the doorbell ring. I got up to get it and there stood Matthew with a lot of snacks. "Hey Lorain, I've got the snacks and I'm ready to spend the day with my favorite girl." I blushed," Come on you dork, lets go watch Teen Wolf." He groaned," We're only gonna watch that because of Dylan O' Brien." I laughed," Yes and don't worry you're the only guy for me." I kissed him. We went to the couch and cuddled, watching Netflix and eating a bunch of snacks. The perfect night with the most perfect guy in the whole wide world. I don't know what I would do without Matthew, I love him so much
A/N: Sorry if this is short, but I hope you enjoyed this

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