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I missed my bestfriend Matthew so much he was away in tour, his next stop was California so I decided to surprise him, I already told his manager that I'll be visiting him on that stop
I was super excited to see Matthew, you are probably thinking come on why aren't you guys dating, well I've never told my feelings to Matthew, so I don't know how he feels about me, anyways I've landed in Cali & the weather is so nice here. I go to the hotel that he is staying in, I enter his room. I say, "Matthew." He turned around and said," Y/N, I've missed you so much." I hugged him, " I've missed you too." He asks," So are coming to the show tonight." He smiled, oh how I've missed that smile." Yes I wouldn't miss it. " He says," Alright I'll see you then."
Matthew's manger says," Hey Matthew, you are going to perform after Shawn does so be ready in 5." He nods and says to me," I better see you at the show Y/N." I laugh," I already told you I'm going don't worry Matthew." He smile & kissed my cheek," Well I have to go see you at the show." I went outside and the security guards didn't let me backstage because they thought I was a fan, but then one of the guys said that it was okay, so I went to see Matthew perform. He finished and he says," How was that y/n?" I said," That was amazing, like always." He bent down and leaned in, I started leaning in as well and I felt a pair of lips on mine, I felt Sparks and fireworks, cliché right. Matthew said," Uh-h I-I'm sorry." He blushed," Don't be sorry I liked it." I kissed him again. He says," Hey y/n will you do the honors of being my girlfriend?" I said," Yes, I would love to." He kissed me again and we heard whistles & claps coming from the guys

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