Lost Boy (part 2)

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I wanted to get to know her, but I can't fall in love again, not after what happened

I just kept staring at her, I didn't notice how long I was staring when she looked up and smiled at me

I looked down and could feel my cheeks heating up

I kept looking down when I felt a someone's presence next to me

I looked up and saw the girl

I blushed looking down again

"Hi I'm y/n." she said, her voice is even beautiful

I looked up again and replied," I'm Matthew, nice to meet the you."

I shook her hand

"So what are you doing here at the park?" She asked

"I come her, to relax or just clear my thoughts." I said looking at her once again

"oh I came here with my little brother, Angel."

"I could see, he's such a cute little boy." I chuckled

"yeah, he's one of a kind." she smiled

"Hey, I know I barely know you, but do you want to grab some lunch with me sometime." I asked shyly.

"Sure, how about tomorrow at 3:00." she replied

"yeah sounds good."

"alright, see you tomorrow, I've got to go." she said

I can't believe I've got a lunch date with y/n tomorrow, well she probably doesn't think of it as a date

a/n: what do you think happened in Matthew's past that makes him so scared of falling in love

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