Immortal (part 2)

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Good thing y/n didn't notice how pale I was or how I was dressed. She can't find out what they did to me, it was horrible
She'll find out sooner or later so why not tell her right? How am I going to tell her I'm going to live forever, stay 18 forever, yes I'm a vampire, weird right? Ugh this is so difficult, I'm going to tell her what they did to me.
We got to my house and she gasped," OMG your house is way bigger than mine." I laughed guess she hasn't seen a house this big. "Well are you going inside or are you just going to stare at it." She blushed, aww she so adorable, what she's my best friend, I can't think of her like that. We went inside and I showed her, her room. "I'm going to make use dinner, so you unpack and I'll call you when it is ready." I started making some dinner. It only took like half an hour.
I went upstairs and saw y/n, on her phone. "Hey y/n, dinner's ready." She looked up from her phone," Okay." She got up and followed me to the kitchen, where I gave her a plate of food. When she was half way through her meal she said," Matthew you aren't going to eat, you look kinda paler than usual." Shit she noticed, oh no what do I say. "Umm, I already ate and you know me I don't really go out much." I nervously laughed. "I know you're lying Matthew, tell me the truth." How do I tell her I'm a vampire, an immortal, that I'm going to live forever. "Well you see while you were away some "friends" that I had turned me into this thing, they turned me into a-a v-vampire." She looked shocked," No way." I laughed," I'm not lying look." I showed her my fangs and my eyes turned a red color. "And I also got to tell you something else." She seemed amazed," Okay what is it?" I played with my fingers," I like you, I wanna be more than friends, I get it if you don't like me back because I'm a monster, I'm going to stay 18 forever and you are going to grow up and have a family." She laughed," Matthew I like you too, if you want to stay with me forever why don't you turn me into one of you." I looked down," I can't just take away your life, just because I want to stay with you forever." She lifted my chin up," But I want to stay with you forever please Matthew." I leaned in to kiss her and I felt sparks even though I'm not alive," Okay fine, this is going to hurt a bit." I put my mouth on her neck and bit her. She screamed, I saw her eyes turn a red color and her skin become a lighter color. "Y/N, now we could live together forever, I love you so much." She kissed me again," I love you too Matthew."

A/N: How'd you guys like part 2 cliché right haha, anyways I'm still taking requests until Wednesday because that's when I start school 😭😭
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