Lost Boy

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why do I have to be so depressed?

why do I have to be so insecure?

I'm just a lost boy, trying to find myself in this world

I always put on a fake smile, so my family won't worry about me and they seem to be buying it

I'm just some dumb kid, trying to kid myself, that I got my shit together

I finally decided to get out of bed and go for a walk, since it was a sunny day in Virginia

I went to the park, I always went there when I needed to relax or just clear my thoughts

It took me a few minutes to walk there

when I did get there I sat on the park bench, watching the happy little kids play

but, some little boy and an older girl about my age, caught my attention

that girl she was beautifully stunning, she has gorgeous brown eyes, I could tell she had a beautiful personality, she was so beautiful, words can't even describe her beauty

I had to find out who she was, I wonder was she like me, a lost girl just pretending to be happy for her family, probably not

I just have to know who she is

a/n: part 2 or fanfiction?

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