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I walked into my 2nd grade class, not wanting to go inside, because it was my first day. The teacher said," Class this is
y/n, she came here from California, please make her feel welcome, y/n go sit next to Matthew." This kid, who's name was Matthew raised his hand, he had dirty-blonde hair, brown eyes, and he was taller than I was. I sat next to Matthew and he said," No one is going to like you." It was my first day and he's already being mean to me. "How do you know that, it's barely my first day here." I answered back. "Even the teacher doesn't like you." He pushed me off the chair and his friends laughed at me. I stood up and pushed him back. The teacher said," Matthew & y/n, go to the office now." I slowly got up and walked to the office. Matthew said," It's all your fault we got sent up to the office." I responded," No it wasn't, it was your fault, you pushed me first."
*8 years later*
Me & my friend, y/f/n, we met after the whole Matthew incident, yes me & Matthew are still enemies, but I secretly developed feelings for him. We were currently walking to my locker when Matthew put his foot out and tripped me, and all my stuff fell. "Hey, y/n, watch where you going, so you don't fall." Matthew said. "Haha, maybe next time put your foot somewhere else, besides where I'm walking and then maybe I won't fall." I said and fake smiled. My friend said," Gosh, what a douche." I responded, " Yeah I know, ever since the 2nd grade, he's been bothering me, but I can't let him know that I've developed feelings for him." I opened my locker, "So you've developed feelings for me." A voice too familiar said behind me. Shit, "Yes, know go tell the whole school about my crush on you, go on." But he doesn't go, instead he goes closer to me and kisses me, I was startled at first but kissed back. "Hey I like you too, the only reason why I said all those mean things to you, throughout these years, was because I was hiding my feelings for you, because I thought you didn't feel the same, but apparently you do, so y/n would you do the honors of being my girlfriend." I said, Umm... No." He looked so sad after. "I'm just kidding yes." He picked me up and kissed me, "I'm so glad I get to call you mine." We heard an 'aww' coming from my friend and we just smiled.

A/N: Sorry this is really long and crappy, so cliché, I might be updating another imagine if I have time

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