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Today is mine and my Matt's 1 year anniversary, but sadly he's not here because he's at an event called Magcon.
I was flipping through the tv shows on Netflix when I got a text form Matt
M- Happy Anniversary babe, sorry I couldn't be there, I promise I'll be home soon 💕 love you 😘
Y- I miss you so much, love you too 😘💓
M- I know babe miss you too, what about we FaceTime?
Y- Sure baby
After I sent that message I got a FaceTime call from Matt. I answered it
"Hey baby I miss you so much, when are you coming home?" I said.
"Princess I miss you too and I'll be home sooner than you think." Matthew said.
The background looked kinda like my house and his voice sounded like he was here, but he couldn't be he's at Magcon.
"So how's Magcon?" I asked.
"It's great it's fun meeting all my fans and touring with my bestfriends." He said. "But the bad thing is I don't get to see your beautiful smile in person everyday, I don't get to wake up with you everyday, I don't get to hear your precious laugh everyday, and I most of all I don't get to see my princess everyday, and I hate it." He finished.
"Aww Matt I miss all of those things about you too." I started to cry because of how much I missed him.
"Hey don't cry baby, instead turn around." He said.
I turned around and saw Matthew standing there with flowers in his hands. I ran into his arms and said," I missed you so much Matt." I cried even harder. "Hey princess don't cry, I'm here." I responded." I know I just missed you so much." He said," Well the good thing is I'm here." I kissed him ever so passionately. "I love you Matthew Lee Espinosa." I said. "And I love you Y/F/N (your full name)."

A/N: So how was this first imagine, more coming soon

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