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A/N: So if I don't put anyone's POV that means it's y/N's POV
I woke up with a bad headache this morning, but I wasn't at my house, I was in someone's else's house with Shawn in the bed & we were both naked, oh no, oh no, this is bad I cheated on Matthew this is not good, but I can't tell him, I was drunk & didn't know what I was doing I don't even remember last night.
I gathered my clothes and went to my car, I almost forgot that Matthew was meeting my parents today. I went home and I got a call form Matthew
(💓Y/N 👼🏼Matthew)
💓Hey Matthew
👼🏼Hey how's my princess doing
💓Good, don't forget that you're meeting my parents today
👼🏼Oh right, what time should I come over
💓At about 6:00
👼🏼Alright see you soon baby love you
💓I love you too
*end of convo*
I honestly feel so guilty for cheating on Matthew with his bestfriend, you guys think I'm probably a slut or a whore or something, ugh I hate my life. It's 11:00 so I have time to get ready. I change out of my clothes & put on some spandex and a hoodie, I lie on my bed and flip through the tv shows on Netflix, I click on a random one. Four hours pass by and I go to the bathroom and shower. After I shower I put on my undergarments, my outfit consists of light-washed jeans, a hoodie, and my black vans. I was super nervous to face Matthew, the guilt is eating me from the inside.
I hear the doorbell ring, I open the door and there stood Matthew, " Hey Matt, come in." My mom said," Oh you must be Matthew, y/n talks about you all the time," she looks over at me and says," y/n you have a keeper here." I smile," Yeah, Matthew is the best." I kiss his cheek and he blushed.
*skip dinner* (I'm so tired right now so yeah)
"Hey, Matt can we talk for a second." I say. "Yeah sure, what's up." I look down and say," Well I-i cheated o-on y-you with S-Shawn." I started crying my eyes out. I look up at him and he just stand there I say," Aren't you supposed to be mad and make a big scene and leave me forever." He smiles, why the heck is he smiling, he says," I'm not mad, I am upset, but everyone deserves a second chance." I'm still crying," Don't you see Matthew I'm a cheater I don't deserve you." He hugged me and says," It's ok princess let it out." I whisper over and over 'I don't deserve you Matthew.' He says," Y/N, look at me you made a mistake you were drunk you didn't know what you were doing." I look up at his eyes, they were so beautiful, he leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss. I calmed down a little. I really don't deserve this boy, he's too nice, that's the reason why I fell in love with him in the first place

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