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Me and my bestfriend, Matthew, were going to go shopping, but Matthew forgot to tell me that he had football practice, so he told me that day and he had me play with his football team.
I was waiting for Matthew, I heard a car horn, meaning Matthew was here. I yelled, "Bye mom, Matthew's here!" Of course no response, my mom was on a business trip again. I locked the door before heading to Matt's car. "Hey Matthew," I smiled, "so are we going to the mall." He smiled back, "No, I forgot to tell you I had football practice and you're coming with me, not to watch me but to actually play with me and my teammates." I groaned," Really, Matthew, I don't have a football uniform, plus all your teammates are so much bigger than me, and I don't know how to play." He smiled again, omg his smile, what the heck am I saying he's my bestfriend' he says," I have an extra jersey and you could wear your leggings and the coach has the padding and helmet." I finally gave in and said," Alright lets go." He drove off, and we made small talk until we got to school.
*Football field*
"Hey guys my friend y/n, will be joining us today." Matthew said. "Hi, just so you guys know I have no idea how to play football." One of his friends replied," Don't worry, we'll teach you, baby." I blushed and felt Matthew tense up next to me and he said," None of you will teach her, I will." He growled. What has gotten into him lately, I got to admit I've liked him for a few years, but I never wanted to tell him, because I know he never felt the same way. Matthew put his arm around my waist and I blushed, he said," Come on, lets go to the locker room so you could change." We walked to the locker room and he said," I'll wait out here."
*20 minutes later*
I finally got this uniform on, it feels so weird. "Come on, Matthew your friends are waiting." Matthew put his arm around me again and we walked out to the field. "Damn y/n, you look so hot in that." One of Matthew's friend says. I roll my eyes. Matthew glares at him. The coach was putting us into teams and I was on the opposite team of Matthew. He was telling me all the rules and then we heard the whistle to start playing. Matthew kept tackling me and I was getting frustrated and full of dirt & grass. "Ugh, time out." They all took a break. "This is so hard, Matthew why'd you bring me to this, I suck so bad at this game and I'm all filthy." I said." Come one y/n, please we just need two more games, then practice is over." He looked at me with puppy eyes, he looked so adorable." Alright, just this once Espinosa, you owe me." He smiled and hugged me, "Thanks y/n, you're the best." I said," You know it." We got into position and I scored a touchdown, I was so happy. I just had to get through one more game. This last game didn't turn out too good, Matthew tackled me once again and it was kinda awkward because we were so close to each other. "Umm...this is kinda awkward, you can get off of me now." He said," Wait but first." He was leaning in, my heart started beating faster and finally I felt his soft lips on mine. I blushed so hard, we stood up and Matthew said," Hey, y/n, would you like to be my girlfriend?" I smiled and said," Yes I would love to." He picked me up and kissed me. "Glad, I get to call you mine, finally these guys can't flirt with you anymore." He smiled, there's that smile I love. I heard his friends groan in the background, and one of them said, "Finally you grew the courage to ask her out." He said," Yeah, and I don't regret it." He kissed me again.

A/N: This was really crappy and I'm sorry I don't update much I'm super busy
I'm hoping you guys are enjoying these imagines

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