Meet & Greet

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Requested by @KianIsBae95 hope you enjoy Julia
I'm so excited today is the day I get to meet my lifesaver, Matthew fucking Lee Espinosa

I'm like flipping out because it doesn't seem real, I didn't think this day would finally come

It was currently 1 in the afternoon and the meet and greet started at 3 so I had 2 hours to get ready

I showered and changed into my outfit, did my hair, and all my personal hygiene

I went downstairs and put on my shoes

"Mom, I'm ready, let's go." I said

"I'm coming, honey." She replied

I was like bouncing up and down in my seat from excitement
I was finally next in line and I wanted to cry, but I didn't

Finally it was my turn

I went up to him and hugged him tight

"Hey, babe what's your name?" He said

"Julia." I said

"Well, Julia you're one beautiful girl." He said, looking me up and down

"I bet you say that to every one of your fans." I say, as I blushed

"Yes, but I truly mean it, you are beautiful." He replied

We took our picture, but before I could go, Matthew gave me a piece of paper

It said; ***-***-**** call me ;)

What the actual fuck, it is like a dream come true

This is the best day of my life

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