Prom Night

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-1 week before prom-
ugh it's one week before prom and no one has asked me yet, while all of my friends have been asked out, here i am without a date.

but i'm still hopeful that my crush and best friend, Matthew Espinosa asks me to prom, but that's kind of unlikely

hey, a girl can dream right? right.
"guys i realized we still haven't gone dress shopping, we should go today." said my friend, Taylor.

"good idea, but i don't even have a date, i mean i know i don't need one but still it will be great." i replied back.

"hey don't worry someone will ask you out, maybe even Matthew, you guys make a cute couple." retorted Taylor.

"oh stop, he probably doesn't like me back, but it would be great if he did." i said blushing.

"okay anyways, let's go pick out some dresses, that will make us look hot." said Taylor, typical her.
we finally chose our dresses, i ended up choosing a light blue dress which had a lace top and hugged at the hips, then flowed towards the bottom (picture shown above).

Taylor chose a similar one but it was maroon and she looked gorgeous in it.
*2 days before prom*
"Taylor, i still don't have a date and there's only two days before prom, what am i going to do?" i said as we walked through the halls of our high school.

"oh you, don't worry i just know someone's going to ask you today." she said. feels like she's hiding something from me, but it's probably just me.

"umm...okay." i said not knowing what to say.
i opened my locker when a note fell out.

i picked it up and it read:
hey Grayson,
Meet me in the gym, i have a wonderful surprise for you!
-love, secret admirer

is this what Taylor was talking about, wait maybe i'm getting my hopes up, but this could also be it.

i walked over to the gym, so excited that i kind of pushed everyone out of my way

i finally reached the gym and it was dark, but as soon as i walked in the lights turned on and there were rose petals everywhere

i looked towards the middle and standing there was the one and only Matthew Espinosa

i stood there shocked and in awe, my longtime crush was standing there asking me to prom, i couldn't believe it.

i walked over to him and he said, "so will you go to prom with me?"

"of course i would." i replied blushing

then he did the unexpected and he kissed me and guess what i felt sparks and fireworks, ugh cliche, am i right
prom night was a success and we danced our hearts out, but most of all i was with the people i loved the most and we all had fun.

a/n: it feels good to be back and i probably will go m.i.a. for a while again because of school, but i'll try to upload

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