Chapter-41 (Part:1) : Torture

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"Ahhhhhhh!!!" I screamed.

One more strike of the leather hunter hit my back and I jerked. The loud sound of leather slapping skin echoed around the room. I slumped, my legs gave away and I was just hanging from the ropes that were around my wrists. It felt like my wrists would break if I kept hanging like that.

I was silent for first five minutes of the torture, not a single yelp left my mouth but this encouraged him, so I just didn't control, I let it out.

That was going on for like 5-6 hours. Now my back was raw with all that beating. Whenever I was on the verge of passing out or passing out, they would throw ice cold water on me. And that dress was torn from my back because of the beating and that man with a tattoo touched me there and so many places. I felt so disgusted and wanted to hurl.

I told them so many times, so many times, hell I didn't even know about all that business and property was mine. But they won't buy it. They thought I was lying.

I didn't know, money was that important for someone that my own uncle would do this to me.

"Please... I-I do-don't know an-anything." I said, all the screaming from past hours had done some serious damage to my vocal chords.

I looked at Raphael, tried to tell him with my eyes that I was telling the truth. But he was looking like a kid who got his favorite candy when he saw them torturing me. He got happier when someone else joined in the fun.


She walked in, and it looked like she was walking on a ramp of some famous fashion show; not only because of the way she walked but also the way she dressed. She wore some skin tight wine colored dress which barely covered her ass. Her long blond hair flowed down her bare shoulders. She smiled when she saw me hanging from the ceiling.

If I wasn't hung there like some lamb who was about to get slaughtered, I definitely would have smacked her.

She swayed her way towards me and stopped a few inches before me. I could smell her strong perfume, it made me nauseous. Her ruby lips curved into a sinister smile as she ran her finger down my face. Then suddenly she took a hold of my jaw in her fingers, her long nails were digging in my skin, if she applied any more pressure I was sure they would have sunk in.

"Tell me sweet Maria, are you enjoying it now?" she hissed in my face. I tried to twist my neck but she held it tightly in place.

I didn't know how but I felt some energy course through me which made me stand on my own. I smiled and spit on her face. She yelped and backed away immediately.

"Fuck you, Bitch!" I rasped and chuckled.

"Ughhh!!! You!!" she growled and came rushing towards me with her hand raised high. And I was ready for that bitch slap. I didn't even wince, I could feel the scratches on my cheeks from her nails. It was only after she left the basement with Raphael in tow that my knees gave away and I slumped again.

"Antonio where are you?" I whispered. Few tears stumbled out of my eyes and rolled down on my already wet cheek.

"I'll be back, darling." The bald man said and threw a bucket full of cold water on me before leaving.

God!!!...Antonio where are you? Please...

I knew Antonio would come but I didn't know when.

I have to be strong, but I don't know how long I could be strong.

At some point I'll break.

"Antonio...please save me." I whispered.

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