Chapter-5: Goodbye

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Oh god. I groaned inwardly.

I was sitting across Antonio with Tristan on the side on a round breakfast table.

After he stormed out of the room in the morning, It was kind awkward for me to look at him.

"How are you feeling Ms.Wilson ? Are you feeling any pain.??" he asked, his voice cool and soothing.

"Yeah the pain is bearable. Thanks for asking Mr.Favero." I said then blushed remembering the events of the morning.

"You sure? You look a little flushed."Tristan asked and cocked his head to side.

"Uhh yeah probably because of heat." I said fanning my hand towards my face.

"Aren't you eating Ms.Wilson.?" Tristan asked again.

God! They are so irritating.

"Uhh yeah." I said looking down at my huge stack of chocolate chip pancakes. Taking a bite I moaned. It was like chocolate blast in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and they both were staring at me. I could feel blush creeping on my neck and cheeks.

"What? They are amazing." I said and licked my finger where there was a little bit of chocolate syrup.

"You liked them honey??" asked Grany coming out of the kitchen.

"Yeah Grany! they are best." I told her with a smile.

"Uhh Mr.Favero." I called.

He looked up.

."I uh... want to leave today..."I said and winced inwardly.

His blue eyes turned cold, he clenched his jaw and said through his teeth. "I see. Car is ready whenever you are."

For some reason I was a little hurt.

You wanted to leave and now he is letting you leave, why feeling hurt then. A voice in my mind said.

I quickly shoved that thought away and forced a smile.

"Thank you  for everything Mr. Faver." I said.

"Uh. I just have to change my clothes then I'll be ready." I said before going into my room.

Quickly brushing my teeth and changing into red tank top with denim shorts and converse and a black off shoulder loose top.

I looked in the mirror one last time and took a mild pain killer and started walking downstairs.

I hopped down the last step and there she was, Grany, standing with tears shining in her eyes.

"I know honey you were here for like one day but I see you as my daughter if you need anything ,I mean it, anything just give me a call." she said hugging me tightly.

"Yeah Grany, I will." with a small smile.

"The car is waiting Ms.Wilson." Tristan said from the front door.I looked at him and nodded.

"Goodbye Grany." I said one last time and walked towards the front door.

I looked around for Antonio. I wanted to see him one last time before leaving. But I didn't see him anywhere.

I walked out of the front door to find a black Audi SUV.


"I will drive you at your apartment complex." said Tristan.

"Okay uh Where is Mr. Favero ?" I asked.

"He is out of country for some business." He said and opened the passenger seat of SUV for me.

"Oh." I said.

I was relieved that he was not here but a little bit disappointed because I wanted to see him one last time.

I guess.

The slam of car door brought me in the present. Tristan sat in the driver seat and started driving.

I turned towards window and stared at flying scenery, from the window, lost in my thoughts.

After what felt like hours we reached my apartment complex, he stopped the car.

"Ms.Wilson this my card call me whenever you need something." he said giving me his card.

I nodded."Thank you." I said and opened the door and got out of the car.

"Ohh shit." I said and turned around.

."Uh. Mr. Stone I don't have my apartment's keys with me." I said.

"Oh I forgot here." he said giving me the keys.

"How did you." I asked.

"I have my ways." he said and winked.

I forced a smile and turned around. The car was gone. The smile faded at the one thought.

How did he know where I live ?

I walked to my apartment without glancing back thinking about how powerful they were.

I sighed in relief. When I entered my apartment.


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