Chapter-39: Reality or Nightmare

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When I came to my senses. I felt just one thing.

Pain. Unbearable pain.

Pain in shoulders, pain in head. There was so much strain on my shoulders and arms were aching. My body felt like I was blended in a blender. I was so tired that I wanted to sit down because my legs were cramping but I couldn't because my arms were restrained.

I didn't want to open my eyes, I wanted it to be a dream. A nightmare.

I had been taken by God knows who!!

But the pain in my head and shoulders was telling me it was not just a dream.

It was real.

My eyes fluttered opened only to close again because everything around me was blurred, I blinked a few times to clear my eyes. When I saw where I was, it made me want to close my eyes again.

My hands were tied above my head, with a rope. I looked up and wiggled my arms a little but it was of no use. At least I was able to stand, I was a little thankful for that. I looked around again for an escape but this damn dungeon had none.

A sound of frustration tore through my mouth when I didn't find anything good. I knew I will be sobbing after some time. I was purposely taking deep breaths through my nose with a pattern in order to prevent the panic attack that was brewing inside me and in no time would find its way out.

"Don't panic Maria. Take a deep breath." I mumbled and continued taking deep breaths.

I tried to distract myself and looked around the again, a wrought iron door was also there but in no way I could reach there. Walls were made of black stone bricks, a rather small window was there which high enough which was out of my reach. This dungeon was already giving me creeps. I could hear a muffled sound of water dripping from somewhere.

And I think I just saw a spider at the corner.

After seeing that spider I realized that I was in the dress, the same dress I wore to club and because my arms were tied above my head the dress had ridden upwards. It was covering my backside but my legs were bare from thighs to ankle. My heels were MIA. The air was so cold in here that my body started to shiver. My feet were cold and my hands were freezing.

Something furry just touched my foot and I swear I jumped two feet in air. I screamed and cursed every soul present in this goddamn building. I twisted my head here and there frantically looking for that furry creature.



That was it, it was above any limit. I started sobbing, like legit. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I couldn't breathe. I was gasping and cursed my complicated life again and again. I was so deep into my self-pity that I didn't hear any other sound.

But it was loud muffled noise that snapped me out of my self-pity. It sounded like the noise was coming from some far place which was coming near and near.

My heart, which was already beating at a fast pace, started racing in the anticipation of what was coming.

As that noise was coming more and more closer it became clearer. I was able to decipher that sound at some point. It was the sound of footsteps.

A pair of loud and heavy footsteps that were coming towards this way only. My breath got stuck in my throat when I heard the sound which sounded like someone was opening the wrought iron door with a key.

I looked in the direction of the door with wide eyes and waited.


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