Chapter-1 :Clueless

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I was lying on something something very soft.

A bed.

I wanted to open my eyes but then I thought I had no one left.

My dad...

He was shot. All those people? Who were they ? Why did they try to kill him ?

I wanted answers and for that I tried to open my eyes. My eyes fluttered open and met with pale pink ceiling, looking around I realised  that I was in a big room, I tried to sit up and felt piercing pain in my right shoulder. I cried out, then I remembered I'd been shot.

The bedroom door opened and a woman in her early 50's walked in.

"Honey you are awake. How are you feeling? Are you feeling any pain..??" A heavily accented voice asked.

"Water." I squeaked.

I cleared my throat and asked again "Can I get some water please."

"Where am I and what happened?" I whispered.

"You're in Mr. Favero's house darling." She said while helping me sit up just a little to drink water from glass.

I felt like I was drinking elixir, given that my throat was that parched.

"Who is Mr. Favero?" I asked after I was tucked in the bed by her

"We'll talk about him later." She said. I just stared at her.

"You can call me Grany, everyone here calls me that ." She said with a warm smile.

I hummed.

Then I remembered.

"My dad... where is he??? Is he okay??" In my mind I knew. I knew the truth but I wanted that to be proved wrong.

"I am so sorry honey." She said sympathetically .

"Why are you sorry? He is okay. Right ? He will be okay." I mumbled.

I felt hands helping me up.

"Come on honey let's get you cleaned up." She pulled me into sitting position carefully.

I felt dizzy.

"Eazy there honey." She said softly.

With her help I stood up on wobbly legs and held her until the dizziness passed.

"Are you okay? "

"Yeah just a little dizzy" I said and took a deep breath.

"Come on." She said gently pulling me towards the ensuite.

"Thank you but I'll manage." I smiled at her.

"Very good dear then, I'll leave your clothes on the bed." with that she left.

I slowly walked towards the en suite. And when I reached there I was shocked. The bathroom was beautiful with baby pink tiles, shining marble on the floor, big bathtub and shower stall, it was not less than any paradise.

I walked towards the mirror  and stared at my self,I looked pale and tired, my once shiny grey eyes were now dull, my waist length chocolate brown hair were greasy and tangled, there were bags under my eyes.

I was not feeling much  physical pain but my eyes were full of pain.

I guess they had given me some pain shot that's why I was not feeling any pain but I was feeling kind of weird.

Shower was off limit. So I took a long hot bath with my left hand I poured some vanilla scented body wash on washcloth and cleaned as much as I could.

There was knock on the door.

"It's me dear, let me wash your hair." Grany said, from behind the door.

"Sure, come in Grany." I said.

She washed my hair and helped me in my clothes.

She took my hand and led me to the bed and tucked me in.

"Here's your lunch honey." She said

"Lunch?? How long I've been asleep."I asked.

"Don't worry about it. Eat your lunch then I can give you the tour of this house."She said.

Now I was frustrated.

"I don't want the tour!! I just want to get the hell out of here. So please for heaven's sake let me go." I yelled.

Then I felt bad. "I am so sorry Grany.I didn't mean to."

"It's okay."she said with a smile.

"I just want answers."I said.

"I am sorry darling, but I don't know anything. They just brought you last night and told me to take care of you and not to let you go." Grany said with a sympathetic smile.

"But I want answers and I can't live here please let me go. I've to find my dad and find everything about what happen last night." I pleaded.

"I'll give you your answers."said a voice from the door.

The door opened and he walked in.


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