Chapter-12: Alessandro Favero

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Out of nowhere.

A little boy came running towards Antonio.

"Papa!" He said before jumping in his arms and Antonio caught him and swung him in his arms.


My inner me fell from the chair on which she was napping, her mouth gaping, shocked as hell. My mouth was ajar for a second but I had to compose myself. I snapped my mouth shut and blinked a few times.

I love kids and all but this felt like a sucker punch in my stomach. I took a step or two back as I saw a really beautiful scene unfold in front of my eyes.

That cold mafia boss, that man, was smiling and laughing and cuddling his kid to his chest. That I could never believe until I could see it with my own eyes.

But did that mean he was married or something? Or a girlfriend? Maybe a careless hook up?

Thinking about all this made me depressed. Taking a deep breath I composed myself and stopped myself from thinking all these things.

A squeal of delight snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked at him and his son. Antonio looked genuinely happy.

"Did you bring me toys?" he asked in his cute baby voice.

Aaawwhhh!!! He could speak in English!

He was so cute. His sandy brown hair was a curly mess and his eyes are same as Antonio's blue. And he looked like maybe 5 year old.

"Yes, I have brought so many good toys for you. They are in your room already." Antonio said as he tickled him. Another squeal of laughter left the kid's mouth. I smiled, watching his happiness. Finally after some time Antonio set his kid down his feet. When he was done with meeting his father, the little boy turned his attention towards me.

He looked at me then at Antonio who nodded at him. I glanced at Antonio who had this cute little smile on his mouth and then turned my head back towards the little boy. He slowly took some step towards me then again turned around towards at Antonio then started walking again towards me.

I got onto my knees as a big smile curved its way on my lips. He just stood there a foot away from me.

"Hi baby I am Maria." I said in baby voice. I couldn't help myself.

"Hello. I Alessandro." he said smiling shyly. My smile turned into a bigger one.

He pronounced Alessandro like Alesshandro. He took a step forward towards me with his arm raised, I looked at him and tilted my head towards his hand. When he was able to touch my face, he caressed my cheek with his soft hands.

"You are pwetty." he said as he stroked my cheek.

I chuckled.

Like father like son.

I shook my head and glanced at Antonio. He was just standing there with his hands in his pants pockets, with a cute smile on his face.

I looked back at Alessandro and said, "And you're cute." I reached over and pinched his baby soft cheeks. He laughed as his cheeks turned tomato red. He turned around and ran towards Antonio and hid behind Antonio's legs.

I stood up and brushed away some imaginary dirt from my knees, I looked up to see Alessandro running in that direction from where he came.

"Your son is really cute." I said to Antonio.

But you should've tell me you have a son. I wanted to say that but refrained from doing that.

He was about to say something when he got cut off by another squeal of Alessandro. We both turned our heads towards him at the same time.

He was coming with someone in tow.

"Mio Dio, Sandro, slow down." That woman said as she tried to slow him down.

"Mama." Antonio said when he her and walked towards her.

I gulped, time to meet his family.

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