Chapter-35: Guns and Beatings

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"Come with us or they all will be dead." The man with white hair said in a lower voice.


What are we going to do?

"Leave them alone; we are coming." Antonio said in same voice and took my hand in one of his hand and put another one in his pocket.

The man with white hair nodded at his men. At his signal all the men circled around us. I tightened my grip on Antonio's hand and he squeezed my hand.

I was surprised with myself, because I wasn't panicking at all. Maybe because I was with Antonio or maybe I was used to these situations?

But I wasn't panicking.

And at that time I was shocked and saddened by one realisation.

This was my life now; Guns, bad people, mafia.

"Lovely people! You didn't see anything and we weren't here, so just continue. Enjoy!!" the man with white hair said and smiled creepily.

And then we were on the way to the elevator. The circle of men filled the elevator at the point, where it was suffocating.

I was on the verge of hyperventilation. As if he knew what was happening, Antonio took me into his arms and put my face into his chest. I breathed in his scent, trying to breathe. There was pin-drop silence in the elevator. Only the sound of breathing of men could be heard.

After what felt like hours we reached the ground floor. The circle of men took us at the corner, under the Eiffel Tower. Then the man with the white hair came forward.

"The name is Stephan by the way." He said in French accent.

"What do you want?" Antonio asked in hard voice, coming directly to point.

"What's the rush, Romeo?" Stephan said and smirked.

"Well guys! Today ya'll see this Tiger aka Antonio Favero being killed by my own hands." Stephan said clasping his hands and started laughing.

I raised my eyebrows.

What a dumbass? I thought.

But I didn't see that coming.

Someone grasped my hands and separated me from Antonio. I screamed and thrashed.

"What the hell do you want?" Antonio roared.

"I want all the location of all the proofs."Stephan said calmly. All expressions and amusement was long gone from his face. He was literally like the joker from the batman movie.

I continued to thrash in their arms until someone pointed gun on mu forehead. I froze.

Antonio snarled and punched Stephan. Being caught off guard because of that much force, Stephan fell to ground.

Then all the hell broke loose.

Stephan's men captured Antonio as he was trying to punch Stephan again.

Two of his men were keeping Antonio in his place.

"That was a wrong move Favero." Stephan said and punched Antonio.

I screamed but Antonio didn't even flinch.

Stephan punched him in stomach and Antonio doubled over.

"NO! NO! PLEASE NO." I was yelling and screaming. I couldn't see Antonio like that, receiving punch after punch.

I smashed my elbow into the man's face, which was holding me; he grunted and the gun that he had pointed at my forehead was now on the ground. I stomped on his foot and quickly picked up the gun.

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