Chapter-9: Going somewhere (Part-2)

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A truck was coming towards us. Tristan was still trying to control the car. My eyes were wide as saucers, staring towards the truck that could crush the car in a matter of seconds.

My heart was pounding.

I closed my eyes and cover my ears with my hands tightly and screamed.


Suddenly a car lurched to the left and tires screeched.

That's it. We are going to die.

Suddenly I was thrown forward and then backwards. I screamed again. I was waiting for the impact which never came. I slowly opened my eyes. I was panting, adrenalin coursing through my body. I winced as my wounded ribs got irritated by this movement.

"Ohmigod ohmigod! Are we safe?? We are safe!!!" I yelled and looked around, both of the cars were way behind and we were alive.

"Phewwww! Well that was fun." Tristan remarked as he slumped back into the seat and pretended to wipe off the sweat from his forehead.

"Oh Thank God." I whispered, closing my eyes I leaned back in the car seat and snapped my car seat off. I tried to open the car but it was locked. My heart was still stuck in my throat and I wasn't able to breathe properly. I tried to take another deep breath but it got stuck in my chest, I tried to keep calm as much as possible but being not able breath won't make you calm at all.

I was gasping for breath, I could hear each beat of my heart in my head loudly.

"Maria?" I could hear Antonio's voice but it was muffled as I was underwater. I heard some other sounds all muffled, then I felt his callous yet soft hand on my cheeks, he turned my head towards his, tears were leaking out from the corners of my eyes.

"Breathe, Maria." I felt his warm breath on my lips. Then he crushed me to his chest and rubbed my back, which seemed to help and I was recovering, I was able to breathe again. He was standing outside with the rear door open, when he saw I was somewhat okay. He slid into the seat with me.

"Here have these." He said giving me some pills and a water bottle. Not meeting his eyes. I took the pills and swallowed them with water and settled back in the seat. I sniffled then closed my eyes, trying to sleep.

"Those fucking bastards. I don't think that they have slightest bit of idea that with whom they are dealing with." Antonio gritted through teeth.

Uh huh.

He was fuming.

He took his phone out and called someone.

"Remus! Get over here." he said more like barked an order. The last thing I remembered was I held his hand tightly in mine after that I lost to sleep.


Now here I was in Antonio's private jet, sitting in a comfy chair, looking out of the window. Trying not to remember the horrid moments. I sucked in a deep breath. In past 24 hours I was stalked, hit, kicked, nearly kidnapped and was about to run over by truck. Never in my life, I ever expected that.

But they say, unexpected things happens in life.

When Remus reached at the scene. They just talked. I wasn't able to see how he looked like as I was in shock because of the traumatic experience of near death. I was just sitting in the car more like lying on the back seat staring into distance with my head pounding. I was out cold and found myself in this jet when I woke up.

Humph! I wanted to see how it looked like from outside. But from inside it was amazing and it screamed luxury. Mocha colored carpet and black comfy chair with bar and don't forget the bedroom at the end and couches.

Just wow.

I just didn't know where we'll land. In which country. But I knew one thing that this shit was very deep.

And I didn't have slightest bit of idea how bad this shit was.

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