Chapter-11: He has what??

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"Huh I thought your place will be a freaking mansion. Hate to say I didn't expected this at all." I said ducking down a little to look at the building in front of me from the car window.

I turned to him and he had a sexy smirk on his face.

"Just wait and watch cara." he said and winked at me. My breath got caught in my throat.

We were here waiting in the car and the bodyguard and Tristan was inside the warehouse.


A fucking warehouse.

Dull whit and large white warehouse.

"Yo!! Antonio, Come on. All ready."Tristan yelled from the door of warehouse.

"Come on." Antonio said.

I got out of the door and starting walking. Antonio matched my steps and came beside me. And yeah they both, he and Tristan, were both in casual clothes. Antonio opened the door for me.

Again, I expected some couches, beds not these jets and planes.

And let me tell you they were beautiful, white and shiny, with big F INC. written on them in red.

We walked passed them, out at the back of the warehouse.

There, a big helicopter was on standby.

Stark white with F INC. written on it with red.

"Ready Ms.Wilson?" Antonio asked with a teasing edge to it.

I nodded, awestruck.

He walked towards it and opened the door for me, then sat beside me and Tristan is sitting across us.

"Okay kids, buckle up." Tristan said and put on his shades and headset.

Antonio turned towards me and helped me to buckle up. He leaned above me, his breath was fanning over my lips. I inhaled sharply. He lingered there for a bit then pulled the belt slowly and buckled it at the harness at my stomach.

Then he buckled himself, put on his headset and gave me headsets then helicopter started riding in the air then started flying forward.

I looked out, trying to calm my beating heart from what just happened.

It was so beautiful. We were flying over the ocean. Sometime later an island came into view. Then we started descending, finally landed on a helipad that was on some building. The helicopter stopped but its wings are still spinning but at slow pace. Antonio got out and walked around to open the door for me. I unbuckled the belt and got out with his help.

When my feet touched the ground, I swayed a little. Antonio held my arm to steady me.

"Are you okay? Is your head hurting?" he asked, concerned.

"Uh no. I guess the adrenaline from is ride is wearing off." I said with a nervous chuckle but there was dull ache in my head.

"Come on let's go." he took my hand and started walking.

I liked my hand in his. My small hand in his bigger one. Warm and soft.

We took the stairs and started walking downstairs.

The stairs were traditional but modern, they were covered with carpet but their design was unique. The banister was made of shiny dark wood, with some pattern engraved in them. After two flights of stairs we finally entered a hall, a rather cozy hall with beige couches, wooden floor, and the windows were floor to ceiling which were covered with curtains. Rest of the furniture was heavy and a combination of traditional and modern, like a glass chandelier hung at the center of ceiling.

Suddenly, out of nowhere.

A little boy came running towards Antonio, shrieking and screaming.

"Papa." He said as jumping in his arms and Antonio caught him and swung him around.



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