Chapter-43 : Mystery

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That voice seemed to be far away. I felt like I was floating on clouds. I was not awake but not fully asleep either.

"Maria?" That voice called me again. It echoed through my mind. I wanted to protest, I was enjoying the feeling of half wakefulness.

"Come on cara, wake up." The voice said and someone brushed my hair from my forehead.

I moaned. I slowly came back to consciousness. I was lying on my stomach on a very soft and comfortable bed and was covered with the softest and warmest blanket. My head felt heavy, I felt woozy.

My eyes fluttered open, only to see Antonio's face. He smiled softly.

"Hey there cara."He said and brushed the hair on my forehead.

I was a little disoriented, it took a few seconds to remember everything that had happened. Tears stung my eyes when I remembered everything. I lowered my eyes, Antonio put his hand on my cheek.

"You are here, and you are okay." he said and kissed my forehead.

I nodded. He carefully helped in sitting up. Everything was fuzzy. My head was spinning and I felt nauseous.

"I feel weird." I said, my voice still raspy.

"It's probably the pain shots the doc gave you. And you had a fever which broke last night." He explained as he caressed my cheek with his thumb. I averted my eyes, trying not to look at him yet he kept looking at me.

I carefully leaned back against the headboard and sighed. The pain in my body was still there but it was not that intense, it was just a dull ache. That dull ache was not okay, it was uncomfortable as hell.

Antonio sat down beside me and kissed the side of my head. He carefully put his arm around my shoulder and I laid my head against his shoulder. We sat like this for some time, lost in our thoughts. There were so many things, so many questions that were there. We both wanted the answers to those questions.

And at that time, something very embarrassing happened.

My stomach growled loudly.

Antonio looked at me and let out a chuckle, I blushed and looked away, then I also started giggling.

"I forgot, I brought some chicken soup for you." He said setting a tray between us. Then he started spoon feeding me. This continued till the soup was finished and I was full.

"Thank you." I said and he just nodded. He kissed my forehead and was about to leave when I caught his wrist.

"I want to know everything." I said and squeezed his hand.

He frowned but nodded and left with a tray in his hands. I sighed and laid down on my side and closed my eyes.


"So is he dead?" I asked, hoping for a yes.

"Aaaaaaahh... No." Tristan said looking at me, then glanced at Antonio.

Right now everyone was sitting in my room. Everyone including Valentino and Natalie. I was still confused about why Natalie did that. I was sitting on the bed with my back against the headboard, Antonio was sitting beside me. Tristan, Jax, Valentino and Natalie were sitting around the bed.

"Just tell me everything." I said and let out an irritated sigh.

I was so annoyed with everything and the grogginess and weird feeling was not helping either.

Natalie cleared her throat and I looked at her with narrowed eyes. I wonder how these men even let her sit here in one room, in the same breathing area with me.

She opened her mouth but no sound came out of her mouth, that happened a few times then she sighed.

I was getting more irritated second by second but kept quiet.

Valentino took her hand and squeezed it, she looked at him with tears in her eyes. She nodded then looked at me again.

"I didn't kidnap you." She finally said.

"Ohhkay??" I said, confused and scowled.

"She was my twin sister."



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