Chapter-6: Normal Life?? I guess not

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It's been a week since I was back in my apartment.

7 days.

My shoulder was perfectly healed except the scar which will always remind me of that horrid night and those people.

The day I entered in my apartment again I looked for that necklace. It was in the safe.

It was beautiful a red ruby necklace I don't know how I didn't know about it, but it is beautiful with a silver chain and elegant design.

Dad said it is precious so I got it transformed into a ring and wore its chain in this way it'll be safe. I'll protect it to fulfill my dad's last wish, without any hesitation and question.

"Miss... Are you okay?" a sweet voice of my student brought me to present.

"Yes honey.Did you complete your drawing?" I asked with a big smile.

Yes.I am teacher and I teach in primary school.

I just love children.

"No miss" she said with a cute pout.

"Why.?" I asked in baby voice.

"I want orange craywon but Noah took my orange craywon." she said pointing his finger towards him.

"Oh sweetie here take mine." I gave her  orange crayon.

"Thank you miss." she said with smile.


I stretched my arms and groaned.

Although I love children but teaching 5 year olds was not a child's play.

Now I just wanted a hot bath and a good night's sleep.

But first I'd to buy food from grocery store.I couldn't live on instant noodles for whole life.

I got into the driver seat of my car, it's a Cadillac, my baby and put the keys in the ignition and accelerated past the cars on the way to store.

The YELLOW LILY PRIMARY SCHOOL was on one end of the town and grocery store and my apartment was on other end so it would be long drive and I hope it would clear my mind.

I switch on the radio and listen to Addicted by Enrique.

I stop on a red light, there are many cars on my left and right. I was looking around, bobbing my head with the song, waiting for green light when I noticed a black SUV with tinted windows. It was kind of giving me creeps but I ignored it.

At green light I started driving, I looked through the rear view and that car was behind me. Was that following me ??

Come on Maria don't be paranoid.

To test  it. I took a sharp right turn and then left after that.

Bad news for me.

The car was still following me.

Maybe they also wanna buy some groceries?.

"Omigod omigod!Don't panic- Don't panic." I was whispering to my self.

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