Chapter-17: His Hotness

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"What's so important in it? It's just a ruby ring."

"Well there's a chip inside it that contains a lot of important information."

I looked at him with a glob smacked expression. Literally I looked at him as if he had grown some other head or something. I was emotionally attached with this ring and here he said that there was some chip in this ring.

A chip? What in fucking hell is this? My inner me lowered her glasses and squinted a little.

"What's in the chip?" I asked, trying to humor him a little.

"Something important." he said and shrugged. Did he just shrug me off? He was about to get up.

"Uh Antonio?" I called.

"Yeah?" He was distracted by his phone.

"Where exactly in Italy are we?" I asked and seriously wanted to smack him for not paying any attention.

"Rome." he said and turned around and left.

I just started at his retreating image and then the door when he slammed the door shut. Seriously, what was so important in that chip that daddy had to hide it into some piece of jewellery.

God, this suspense is going to be the death of me.

After collecting my thoughts I left my room and went downstairs, in search of someone who could give some good answers.

When I reached the last step I saw Mrs. Favero leaving from the front door.

"Oh Maric cara". Isabell called.

"Good morning. And before you ask I am fine." I said and smiled cheerfully to make her believe I was really okay except some long lasting effects. She smiled and took me to the eating table where Alessandro was also munching on his pancakes.

"Good morning Alessasndro." I said and ruffled his hair.

"Good morning Maria." he said in his sweet voice.

Awwwwhh! He is so cute.

One of the staff served me my breakfast which consisted of pancakes and orange juice. I started eating and between bites I started talking to Alessandro.

"Hey Alessanndro. Can I call you Sandro?"

He thought for some time, with his scrunched up nose, he looked cute.

"Only on one condition." he said, showing me his two fingers. I laughed and corrected his fingers.

"And that is.?"I asked, raising my brows.

"Come closer." He said. I got closer to him.

"More." He said.

I moved a little closer to him. He kissed my cheek. I gasped and laughed.

"Okay now you can and only you can call me Sandro." And smiled cheekily at me.

"Thank you, "I said in a baby voice.

"So Sandro will give me a tour of this house?" I asked as I ate the last bite of my pancake.

He nodded his head vigorously.

After eating breakfast, I and Sandro went for a tour. The house was magnificent, I must say. Firstly he took me to his room and his room was obviously decorated with some cartoon theme. He offered me a Choco chip cookie.

"Don't tell Papa about them or he'll eat them like a monster." he said seriously.

I nodded, thinking how sweet and caring Antonio is to his son. Then he took me to the basement. It was a gym, which had a glass door and I saw someone lifting weights.

Of course he was Antonio. My jaw dropped, the cookie that was between my teeth dropped on the ground.

His biceps contracting and his abs.

What a drool worthy scene.

"Ria you dropped your cookie." Sandro yelled.

Yeah, he started calling me Ria.

At his son's voice he looked at him and came out, with a towel in his hand, wiping the sweat from his face.

Ohmigod, Inner me gasped and sighed dreamily.

My breath hitched, looking at him. He took a sip from a water bottle. One drop rolled down his chin, then neck, continued rolling down his chest and abs then... The temperature of the room kept on increasing.

Pretty Hot! Oh god, Maria there is a child present in this room. Stop staring.

"Maria." his voice made me look at him.

"We will be going somewhere in the evening, be ready." he said with a smirk.

Shit. He caught me staring.

A blush started to creep on my neck and cheeks.

He knelt down to his son's level.

"Papa I want muscles like you." Sandro said.

"When you will be a big boy then I will help you make these muscles. Okay?" he said softly.

They kept on talking, but I tuned out.

This scene made my heart swell with emotions and did something to my body which only he could do. I looked up and sighed.


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