Chapter-36: Normal days?

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"Ria!!!" I heard someone call me. I didn't recognize the sound in my sleepy state. It was like I was underwater or something. The voice was muffled.

"Maria!!"I heard that annoying voice again. Then came the earthquake.

Wait what? Earthquake?

"Oh for the love of God!! WAKE UP!" Someone yelled which made me jump and yelp. I sat up immediately, frantically looking around.

"What?" I asked groggily to Tristan who was standing at the foot of my bed.

"Get ready. You and Antonio are going somewhere." He said and left. I just kept staring at the place where he stood, trying to wake up my sleepy brain and understand what he said.


A blush crept its way from my neck to cheeks as I remembered how his warm body was next to me; his muscled arm circling my torso.

I shook my head and cupped my heated cheeks to cool them down. I groaned and got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.

After getting ready I made my way towards the kitchen. Breakfast was already served on the eating table and everyone was sitting there, even Natalie.

"Morning" I wished everyone and heard a chorus of mornings in return. I sat down beside Antonio.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Better." He said and smiled at me.

Damn... I melted right there.

I nodded.

"So what's the plan?" I asked while spreading butter on a toasted bread.

"We are splitting up." Antonio said.

I looked up with wide eyes.

Splitting up?

"Why? I mean. How?" I asked, stuttering.

"Valentino and Tristan are teaming up and will be going to some places to collect the documents." Antonio explained.

"But what about the traitor and did you find out who Stephan was?" I asked.

"Leave that up to me and about Stephan. He has a different story." Jax said with a smirk.

Sometimes I can't understand these Mafia men. I mean can't they just explain everything properly? But, of course they want to keep things secret.

"Are you gonna tell me then?" I asked, raising my brows and taking a sip of my orange juice.

"Look when I was reading that document, that proof. It cleared off some dust from the picture." Tristan said with a knowing smile.

"Oh for heaven's sake, don't talk in riddles and tell us properly." Antonio growled.

Tristan raised his hands in 'I surrender' manner and nodded.

"Stephan was not willingly working for Raphael. He had to do that because he had no choice." He said and waited for our reaction which was 'blank'.

"Okay?" Jax said or more of asked.

"The papers or documents that Maria's father had hidden, are not only the proofs against Raphael but also some documents which tell that he is betraying some of his friends." Tristan explained and looked around as if he just won a lottery.

Antonio leaned back against the chair and smirked.

Although bruises were scattered on his angelic face, he was still gorgeous.

"I still didn't get it." Valentino's voice snapped me to present.

"Yeah me too." I said nodding my head.

"Well Raphael is betraying his fellow mates. He keeps all the information about his mates and knows how and when to use it." He elaborated.

"I still don't understand." I said and looked at him with a confused expression.

"You see Maria, your dad stole one of Raphael's important files which had some information and proof which can put his mates behind the bars." Jax said.

"And I think that Papa has told his mates that your dad had something against them that can put them in trouble." Valentino said, realisation dawning on his face.

"And that Stephan was one of them and is a part of French Mafia. He attacked us because he thought we had proof against him." Antonio said as if it was the climax of some suspense story.

I was staring at them like they'd grown two heads.

"How did you... How did you figure this out? In one night?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Exactly my thoughts." Natalia said.

"Because we are genius." Jax and Tristan said in unison.

I and Natalia burst out laughing then Valentino and Antonio joined us while Jax pouted.

It was pretty normal, after a. Long time.

And I enjoyed it.


"You know what you have to do." Antonio asked Jax. He nodded and winked at me.

"See you later beautiful." Jax said to me before rushing back to the car.

We were currently standing at the airport waiting for our flight. I didn't know what the plan was but I was sure it would be good.

"Come on." Antonio said, taking my wrist and dragging me to the waiting area.

It has been a long time since last night that we were alone with each other. And I was finding it kind of awkward.

"So what happened to Stephan?" I asked and looked at him expectantly.

"He's been taken care of." Antonio said calmly. I nodded.

"You shot him." Antonio said but I understood the question hidden behind this statement.

I sighed.

"Everything was going perfect. It was after a long time that I had enjoyed it and then you know." I trailed off, remembering how Stephan was throwing punch after punch on Antonio. My eyes burned with unshed tears.

"Hey, that was good." He said taking my small hands in his large ones.

"You were in that position because of me. If I had known how to defend myself you wouldn't be in that place. You could have fought back but held back because of me." My voice cracked and a tear rolled down my left eye.

He took me in his arms and I planted my face in his chest breathing into his scent. I sniffed.

"I couldn't see you like that." I said, my voice came out muffled. He rubbed my back.

"If I have to be in that situation for you, I'll do that again and again." He said and tightened his hold on mine.

A teary smile made its way on my lips.

"Big bad boss has gone soft." I teased, pulling away from him.

"Only for you cara." He said and kissed the crown of my head.


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