Chapter-18: JAXON

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"Ready?" Antonio asked and looked at me.

"Tell me again why we can't take a helicopter?" I asked, looking at the deathtrap which was in front of me.

"Because I don't want to." he said, nonchalantly. I could literally hear smirk in his voice. I rolled my eyes and held onto his waist a little tighter than usual.

I was sitting at the back of Jet Ski and Antonio was driving it. Because we were to go somewhere important, according to him. And that somewhere was in the city. And he wanted to take Jet Ski, not helicopter.


Tristan was on another jet ski and other people, who according to him were his men and according to me his bodyguards, were on a motor boat. He put the key into the ignition and started it, it made a thundering sound.

"Hold on tight" he shouted.

I tightened my hold on his torso.

My front was literally glued to his back and my front thighs were glued to his back of the thighs. He accelerated and I squealed and tightened my hold and hid my face in his back.

And this Jerk was laughing.

After what seemed like hours, we reached the shore. As usual black SUV was waiting for us on the private dock.

I and Antonio sat in the back, Tristan in passenger and one of 'his men' started driving the car. He stopped the car in front of a tall, sleek and modern building.

It had a huge FAVERO written on the top.

Oh! It's his office. I got really excited to see what his office building looked like. When we entered the door, a young girl with red hair was sitting with phone in her ear.

"Ciao buongiorno, Mr. Favero." she said with a smile and continued on the phone.

He just nodded.


Typical emotionless, cold, Antonio.

Then we boarded the elevator and he pressed the button for the 20th floor.

"So, what are we doing here.?" I asked casually.

"We are here to get that chip out of the ring."

I touched the pocket of the purse where I put the ring, this morning

"But Dad said to protect it and why should I trust you?" I asked, raising my eyebrows at him.

"After everything you still don't trust me?" he asked and arched his one of the perfect eyebrows.

"N-NO! I mean what if it gets into the wrong hands?" I stuttered.

"Don't worry about it."


The sound came from the elevator as we reached our destination.

I thought we were going to his office but he took me somewhere else. He opened the door and it was kind of a meeting room. With a big table and chairs, it was dark and only small lights were there. It was beautiful. And his dad was already sitting on one of the chairs.

"Ciao Antonio. Maria." Mr. Favero greeted.

"Hello sir." I replied.

"They'll be here anytime." Antonio said to his father.

He nodded at one of the seats.

I sat down and he sat beside me across his father.

It was really awkward for me, his dad was working on his laptop, he was doing something on his phone and I was sitting idle, staring at their faces.

After what felt like hours. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Antonio said.

Tristan came with someone following him.

That someone had blond spiky blond hair with brown highlights and he wore biker boots and leather pants with a plain white T shirt. He walked casually behind him with confidence as he was not coming in some mafia boss's office.

"Hey- yo! Tonio." he yelled and raised his fist to fist-bump with Tonio.


He and Antonio bumped fists.

"Jax my man. How are you?"

They did guy hug thing.

Oh?? Mafia people also do the guy hug thing? So very unusual.

I was staring at the scene with wide eyes. Then Jax greeted Mr. Favero.

"Hello Uncle Edi. How are you?"


Whoa! What the hell??

"I am fine. How are you son?"

Mr.Favero said with a smile. I was staring at Mr. Favero, Antonio and this guy, trying to find some similarities. But nope, they were not at all related.

"And who is this pretty lady over here...?" he asked walking towards me.

"Hi! Maria Wilson." I said sticking my hand out.

He took my hand and kissed the back of hand.

I blushed.

Ah ham...

"Jaxon. You can call me Jax." he said and winked.

I looked at Antonio.

He was glaring daggers at Jax.

Well, this is going to be fun. My inner me was ready with a huge tub of popcorn and soda.

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