Chapter-21: Chip troubles

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"There's something else also?" I inquired and tried to breathe normally.

"Si and your Dad left something for you in this chip. A folder with your name and that too with password so only you can open that." He explained to me slowly as if I was a child.

"Oh he did?" I asked. He nodded.

"Oh well, when will I be able to read it?"

"Whenever you want, just ask me."

"But what about the chip?"

"What about it.?" he asked distractedly as he was typing something on laptop.

"Don't tell me you are going to keep it." I said, staring into his eyes.

"Of course I am going to keep it, it's not safe."

"And it's safe here?" I asked, gesturing towards the office with my hand.

I knew what was coming.

An argument.

"Think about it Antonio when those people will find out this office will be the first target, and if they know that I am with you they'll assume that you have taken that chip from me." I said but he didn't say anything. I was just getting there and I knew I was going to win this argument.

Gaining the confidence that I had made some valid point so I continued.

"I'll keep that chip with myself in something I have and moreover if you think you can keep that then you are wrong." I said sternly.

I think I just won my first argument.

He sighed and thought for some time.


I smirked. Take that hah! My inner me stood straight and put on her black shades.


"So if Sandro is not your son, then why does he call you dad I mean if you don't mind asking me?" I asked finally, I was looking for some good time to clear away my confusion and curiosity.

We were on our way to his island and this time we were sitting in his car.

"When that maiale killed my sister, Sandro was just 3 months." Antonio said, a faraway look on his face as if remembering that day. Reliving those moments of pain and despair. I could understand how he was feeling.

Three months? Just three months.

That brought tears in my eyes. I took his hand in mine and he glanced at me and then turned back on staring out of the window.

"I raised him." he said in a broken whisper.

"I left him here with my mama and papa so that he can be safe here, and I always come here often to meet him." he added.

I took his and squeezed.

"When he was two, I was playing with him and out of blue he called me papa and I didn't correct him. Of course he needed a parent, someone to lean on and show him love. I love him like my own and will always love him." He said and clenched his hand into a tight fist.

"That's " I trailed off.

"Speechless?" he asked with a smirk.

Way to ruin a moment.

"Whatever." I said and rolled my eyes.


"So my chip." I asked and held my hand in front of his face. I so wanted to capture that moment, the only moment of my win. I defeated him finally in the game of words. I laughed internally at his expression.

He looked up and pinched the bridge of his neck and sighed, then finally he reached into his back pocket and dropped the chip in my outstretched hand. I rushed to my room. I found my necklace with a heart in which small photos can be placed. I opened that heart and pulled out a small mirror so that it can be like a container and put that chip into and closed it.

I smiled.

I'll read that folder tonight.

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