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Billionaire's Seduction  by ImAWandererxo
Billionaire's Seduction by L . M . B
#2 ▪ Guns & Roses series ❝You know you want me, little assassin.❞ I scoffed and pushed his hand away from my face, taking a few staggering steps back to distance the spa...
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Body of a Monster by WolfyTheWolfz
Body of a Monsterby Wolfie Paris Grace
Years after the first transformation it has returned. It has been months since Sonic and Shadow have seen each other. The first transformation is exposed when they get t...
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Billionaire's Attraction [SPIN-OFF] by ImAWandererxo
Billionaire's Attraction [SPIN-OFF]by L . M . B
#4 ▪ Guns & Roses series ❝I fucking hate you.❞ I hissed, pushing him away from me to create some distance between us. He smirked and my breath hitched when his blue ey...
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Power Rangers Mystic Force: Nick Russell x Reader(BOOK 1) by Dragonlady0112
Power Rangers Mystic Force: Nick Cassy
(Y/n) Thorn is Charlie "Chip" Thorn's adopted little sister by two months. (Y/n) isn't as "childish" as Chip, but she still believes in magic. (Y/n)...
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Annoying Little Angel by Mj_Baby02
Annoying Little Angelby Lumi Loo🥰
Blade Vincent, is one of the most dangerous Russian mafia boss know. No one fucks with him, speaks of him, everyone is afraid of the infamous Blade because of his legacy...
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My Dark Angel by TaniMT
My Dark Angelby TaniMT.
Highest Rank : #18 in general fiction. (29/08/16) ** Full story on FICFUN**(link in bio) DEAD Bullet went straight through his chest. My Dad was shot in front of me. He...
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Beauty and the Beast by katythefluteplayer
Beauty and the Beastby Katy
We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. This story follows the outline of the traditional story pretty well with some changes to make it seems more real, more in...
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Whole Lotta Love by RoseIce23208
Whole Lotta Loveby RoseIce23208
Eric's twin sister Y/n has always been a bit different from the rest of the Formans, her music taste was different, her clothing style was different, but it didn't bothe...
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Thomas/Leo/Chip Imagines  by madmaxst011
Thomas/Leo/Chip Imagines by madmaxst011
Each chapter of this book will ether be about Thomas or Leo or Chip. And whatever the person your reading that's the setting the chapter takes place in. But not every s...
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Daddy's Little Girl by eryn32
Daddy's Little Girlby Eryn
A dark figure is walking towards us through the haze. I ignore it and let Ryan pull me to the ocean. As the figure gets closer, I can tell its a grown man. I stop abrupt...
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Beauty and the True Beast (1) by ssirius-blackk
Beauty and the True Beast (1)by ssirius-blackk
Ever wondered what would have happened if Gaston won and the Beast (Prince Adam) lost?
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The truth by readers122
The truthby readers122
When bree smashes her chip she finds out the truth about her past. Bree becomes weaker without her chip and finds out that's what was keeping her alive. Will chase and...
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Mystic force: The Last battle of love by naivelittleprincess
Mystic force: The Last battle of Hime-Chan
Nick had left Briarwood a year ago and he left his precious blanket with someone he trusted. And now, when he finally had things sorted on this end, his thoughts seemed...
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ooga booga smooga art book by skdooshk
ooga booga smooga art bookby skdooshk
chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop chip chop...
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Spy School by poopoo1375
Spy Schoolby ChristopherJohanParwar1011
It's about spy school and what happen when Erica, Ben, Zoe, Warren, Chip, and Jessica go on a mission together to stop SPYDER from destroying spy school. Joshua, (Erica'...
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Spy School: Little sister, big problems, giant future by MSORAR
Spy School: Little sister, big Jade J
It's been 5 months since the defeat of SPYDER. Ben and the gang are doing well in Spy School. No signs of any evil organizations anywhere. Everything is just fine. Unti...
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So this is Love ● The Beast by Pandalion23
So this is Love ● The Beastby Pandalion23
So this is love, mmm So this is love So this is what makes life divine I'm all aglow, mmm And now I know (and now I know) The key to all heaven is mine Where a fem...
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Ice Cream Cones by EmeliaRichling
Ice Cream Conesby JustSomeoneWhoLovesWriting
"Hello" "Hey." "Umm, so do you want some ice cream?" "Why else would I call an ice cream shop in the middle of a summer day when it is...
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~Summer's Not Hot Without You~ by puppy321283
~Summer's Not Hot Without You~by issy
Kaylie, your average teenager.It's finally summer! Kaylie and her family will be at her beach house for the whole summer. What crazy and romantic adventure Kaylie will h...
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Hard to get (Chip Pemberton x Oc) by randomfandombitch
Hard to get (Chip Pemberton x Oc)by Random_Writer
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